“When you get to my level, you’re a great conversation piece. I’m big on the blogs, I’m big on the magazines, and I appreciate that as an artist. That’s why I’m in the game. I got in this game to introduce people and to make great music. And that’s what it’s about.  Just keep the rumors coming,”  

“We gon’ keep the records coming, we gon’ keep the music coming. Like I said, I’m one of the realest sources of this real street music in this game. Straight out of Miami, straight out of M-I-Yayo. One of my closest homies was on America’s Most Wanted.”

(Fool fool Rick Ross continues to live out his fantasy of once being a major drug kingpin and still refuses to admit that he was a law abiding/hard working citizen, earning 25k as a Correctional Officer.)

“One of my closest homies was on America’s Most Wanted.”

Rick please……. Just stop! Just stop! GIVE IT UP! It’s over luv!

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  1. Yes that line had me dying! So I guess cause your friend was on America’s Most Wanted makes you the realest by association?! Sir get the hell out of here with that bullshit! Lmao! My cousin went to jail for robbery so hell I’m real too!

  2. “One of my closest homies was on America’s Most Wanted.” – yeah, his closest homie was probably a cop arresting one of the REAL criminals.

  3. if one of your closest homies was on americas most wanted..shut the hell up..if it was true why tell the world you know him, that hes your closest freind. doh!

  4. uh, no he will never tell. It’s good he won’t for his sake and his own peace of mind but the hip hop gen is soooo finicky and sooo remote control that one day you are you are in and the next you are out. Telling the truth could make or break.

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