Singer Amy Winehouse has spent the night in hospital after an ambulance was called to her London home.

A spokesman for the 24-year-old confirmed she had been taken to University College Hospital after suffering a “reaction to medication”. Continue Reading….

“a reaction to medication”

*rolls eyes” yeah ok Amy whatever……………………………………….. 

The woman parties every night and its clear that she is still a hard core drug abuser.

“A reaction to medication” – my back foot!

Amy, her publicity seeking father Mitch, and her waste man husband “my Blake” need to just disappear.

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  1. “a reaction to medication”

    This makes me think of my drunk aunt. “Auntie what you drinking?” “This auntie’s medicine. You can’t have none of this!” Then she proceeds to pee on herself and curse everyone out cause no one will drive her pissy ass to the liquor store…

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