Nas has joined the and to protest the racist antics of the Fox News Corporation. The rapper said during a speech in front of fans and the media on Wednesday, “We already knew that Fox is not a news network, they are a propaganda machine. But their racist attacks have gone way too far. Calling Michelle Obama ‘Barack’s baby mama’ – is that acceptable? Bill O’Reilly saying a ‘lynching party’ for Michelle Obama might be legit if she has the wrong political opinions. Is that acceptable? Is that flat-out racist?”   

Nas a long with protesters delievered more than 600,000 petition signatures to Fox headquarters.

Nas’ new album ‘Untitled’ is currently sitting at no.1 on the US Billboard chart, knocking Lil Wayne off the top spot.

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  1. recently I have been finidng myself thinking ‘Nas is alright ya know’ noooooo. when did he get good looking?

    As for FOX….

  2. You know what the sad part is?

    There are tons of Black people out there who only see him using the word “nigger” and refuse to acknowledge the message behind it.

    This is now my favorite emcee (besides Ty and myself…LOL) of all time.

  3. sundance…… remember when i was telling them.. i saw what nas was doing…
    but no everybody got caught up on the n word… yes he is courting controversy…. but he doing something else tooo ….

  4. ahhh My respect for nas is back, I see hwat he’s doing, Go Head brother somebodys gotta take a stand!

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