I don’t know where this came from but apparently rapper Nelly and singer Joss Stone are currently an item…….  

I know that they both have fallen off career wise, so could they be that desperate for publicity?

And isn’t Nelly still in a relationship with Ashanti?

I don’t believe this story…..

“British soul singer Joss Stone is reportedly dating Amercian rapper Nelly.

The British star has been on several secret dates with the 33-year-old US rap star – who is 12 years her senior – and is said to be smitten with him.

A source revealed: “Joss and Nelly have been out on a few dates. It’s early days but Joss is really happy. It’s great that she has met someone as successful as she is and who understands the pressures of being a performer.”

Joss, 21, is also reducing her hectic work schedule this year so she can have more time for herself, and spend more time with Work It rapper Nelly. Continue Reading…..

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  1. I don’t know if I believe this. Maybe he gave her the “bidness” but I don’t think they are dating. Regardless, they both need to sit their tired asses down somewhere!

  2. joss stone? nelly?

    omg, they both are like, so like, 2006…like.

    it’s scary how fast you can fall off.

    apparently she’s fallen onto a lot of wieners…i guess sleeping around DOESN’T get you to the top.

    Good to know.

  3. secret dates = ‘secret’ meetings re: music….

    im not buying the relationship spiel.

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