Pride Magazine  has published its list of the 20 sexiest men alive in this month’s (July) issue.

Flying the flag for Queen and country is UK rapper Kano at #13, rapper/actor MC Harvey at #17,  actor Chucky Venice at #18, at #20 comedian/Choice FM Radio host Richard Blackwood, at #9 Lewis Hamilton and at #1 actor Idris Elba.

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#9 Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton

#8 Rapper Nas

#7 Actor Shemar Moore

#6 Producer/artist Pharrell Williams

#5 Actor Djimon Hounsou

#4 Footballer Thierry Henry

#3 Rapper T.I.

#2 Actor Blair Underwood

#1 Actor Idris Elba

Congratulations to you all but I have one question for Pride….

Why wasn’t Jim Jones included in this list????? He should of at least been in the top 5. I demand a recount!

My Jim Jim

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  1. Shemar Moore & Blair Underwood? they still around???? Diddy is sexy?

    Only ones I agree with Thierry Henry, Pharrell (shhhh Janice) and definitly Idris ELba (lawd).

  2. Gary Dourdan, negative! Aint’ nothing sexy about being a crackhead! And UGH at Shemar Moore with all them baby teeth in his mouth! LMAO at little Skeletor aka T.I. being sexy. Blair Underwood is def sexy though and Idris makes me tingly!

  3. janice…give it up.

    i think you’re the only person on earth giving that man any kind of praise.


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