R&B group the weird and disturbing Pretty Ricky have covered the classic H-Town track “Knockin The Boots (Circa 1993). (smh…)

Pretty Ricky are some sleazy looking individuals and this video is a sight to behold…..

(Thanks for the link Nessa)

Your thoughts please…….

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  1. I am over here laughing like shit at these fools! Who in the hell?! What in the hell?! And they still some boogerwolves!

  2. They tried the alternative look thing, and it didnt work, so their next gimmick is the jodeci rewind. so predictable.

    This is over sung and UN. SEXY. A young oiled torso isnt enuff im afraid. Dino mus be roolling rite now, Miss. lolololol.

  3. OK, I could stomach about 30 seconds of that. Do u ladies really find that sexy? That video left a greasy stain on my computer monitor. They’re not Pretty and no one is called Ricky. YUK.

  4. okay so i didn’t watch this video, for obvious reasons, these little rat bastards are from my hometown (so embarrassing for me to admit). Why is it that everyone who comes out of Miami…is….wait why am I asking you all? lol

    I PROMISE I not to be cheesy, or where a medallion of my face, or speak like i have a d*** in my mouth (eh em trina)…

    I WILL NOT BE DOING THOSE THINGS, when it’s my time to shine…

    janice would box me dwn like i was her pickney….not to mention the rest of my blahsted family!!!

    On behalf of this tacky video, I apologize. lol

    THIS is not a good representation of Miami. lol

  5. I Luv it. Im feelin it. This song has that old, sexy, good loving vibe. Its different. Pretty Ricky is maturing. 4 play looks good i would love to play in his hair got me playin hishair ay ay lol pleasure babez you will be miss… Things happen 4 a reason… I Love U pretty Ricky mauh ;p

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