Bloody images of horrific real-life knife wounds feature in a new Government advertising campaign launched today.

One of the Home Office’s shocking “viral” internet adverts shows a man with a Swiss army knife and a screwdriver sticking out of his chest.

Others show exposed intestines which have emerged from a knife wound, a leg which has become gangrenous after a knife attack and deep wounds to the bone.

The real images from a medical photo library appear as slides being used to illustrate a fictional medical lecture – accompanied by a script which was overseen by a trauma surgeon.

The two-minute scene is accompanied by a second viral advert depicting “CCTV” footage – performed by actors – of a knife stabbing on a shopping street.

Both sequences will be distributed through social networking websites such as Bebo and on mobile phones.
The hard-hitting ads feature in a campaign devised by teenagers for teenagers which aims to raise awareness of the devastating consequences of carrying a blade. Continue Reading……

Does the government really think that wasting time, effort and money on advertising campaigns such as these, is going to make a difference???

The murderous little goons and wannabe’s currently running the streets are well AWARE of the devestating consequences that comes with carrying a blade. They are not stupid Prime Minister Brown and your advertising campaigns will have little to no effect on them!!! They don’t care!!!!!


Work on imposing tougher sentences!

Like I stated in a past post:

If you get caught with a knife on your person – 10 years (no parole)

Attempted murder – 25 years (no parole)

Murder – Life    

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  1. Why do the government feel that this will work?? The kids dont care, they’ll just do it again and again and again!!!! You may think this is a reality check to them but its not!!

    Ill tell you what needs to be done sort your jail sentences out, you think givin them 15 years for murder or manslaughter and they only do 7 then there out of jail by the time there 21 and bang they got a nice name on the streets for murder every one looks up to them as there olders and they feel big about it!!!

    Differently you turn around and hit them with 250 years for murder like in america they’ll be scared once they know they are looking to die in jail they’ll think twice before the do what there doing…. Someone get this idea to the government and make them understand this is what needs to be done!!!

  2. Better still why not rap about it, that message always seems to get to young people….why bother with tough sentences when a spot of beatbox and grafitti goes a long way

  3. The videa of the track will feature a bevy of scantily clad women gyrating around the rapper who will be wearing a griddle saying “stop the violence”. This will be shot in the nightclub China Whites with Tim Westwood DJing. The hook would be “bitches and niggers stop the violence …whooooaaa”

  4. LMAO!!!

    Tim Westwood should feature in the background saying “This is Tim Big Dawg Westwood – To all my NIGGAS AND BITCHES out there stop the violence yo, yeaaa yeaaaaa”

    Man of the moment Lil Wayne should also put in an appearance. The camera should zoom in on him saying “niggas and bitchies” while rubbing a video chicks front and back.

    I think we should send this idea to No 10 Downing Street. LOL!!!

  5. I’m running with this one Jan, u know I’m in the flow….we can also tatoo babies with this heartfelt message. The log would feature a coat of arms made up of guns and knives with black itallic writing

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