“I despise rap music because it doesn’t tell a story anymore. Music cannot be harmful. There is a war song that tribes play when they go out to war, and rap has become a continuous war song without a cause. I will not be a part of that, that’s why I had trouble with the songs on ‘Hustle & Flow.’ (Pride Magazine – July issue)

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  1. ‘that’s why I had trouble with the songs on ‘Hustle & Flow.’

    So why agree to do it? Now that he’s made it he has principals but back when the bills were due….

  2. because we are alll niggas !!!! the eyes of the mainstream!!!!
    thats WHY he did it
    he didnt have the power to change it… read between the lines!!!
    he wasnt powerful enough TO DEMAND THEY CHANGE IT
    i have always struggled with that film
    it didnt add up
    terence howard is a brilliant actor!! but this was his weakest film!
    especially after crash!!

  3. I didn’t like the film and was probably the only one who didn’t think the song deserved the oscar. But I do think Terrence Howard is a talented actor.

    I hear what you’re saying Ty but wouldn’t it have been more relevant if he talked about the why he did the role and the lack of positive roles for black actors in hollywood instead of bashing hip hop (which he does lot)?

    I understand that he doesn’t want to bite the hand that feeds him and anything he says can affect any future roles he get, but its so easy for him to bash rappers and hip hop when by doing hustle and flow he contributed to the problem and thats what gets me.

  4. Terrance is a hypocrite…..”I will not be a part of that, that’s why I had trouble with the songs on ‘Hustle & Flow.”…………yet u were still apart of the movie!

  5. Terrance Howard is a great actor…He is positive and different…a one of a kind!!! Seems like people are interested more with the disrespectful actors and musicians than the ones who want to change our society.

  6. it is a war song with a purpose, it makes demons of black people. same game Hitler used to demonize the jews. and it teaches the black youth that its cool to look and act as the sellouts that sing this “war music”. it keeps the cops with jobs and the lawyers and jail system functioning and making huge sums of money.

    If Terrence is smart he will get out of the music industry or he will continue to compromise his morals and eventually sell his soul. You dont change the industry, the industry changes you. perfect example.

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