In this interview The Game discusses amongst other things, the Sean Bell travesty of justice and says that he asked numerous rappers to appear on a Sean Bell tribute track with him,  and surprise surprise they all turned him down.

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  1. i dont blame him !!!!
    ive never felt more embaressed either…
    they may not have wanted to do a record with him ..
    but still the lack OF ATTENTION TO A REAL PROBLEM from this generation of RAPPPERS IN THE US IS amazingly shallow!!!

  2. refreshing to see an artist who cares so much.. about his work, an the state of his art.. . nuff respect to game, not my fave rapper but respect al the same.

  3. Damn…

    That touched me.

    I have a newfound respect for him as an artist, and even more so as a person.

    This dude shouldn’t leave the game. We need more acts like him in the game! Besides, he’s a dope emcee…

  4. damn that sux…glad he decided to do the record anyway.
    as far as what he said, about retiring? he should do the opposite, i mean i don’t know much about hip hop in the way someone like he or TY does…but it’s all pretty much common sense right?

    you have to be the change you want to see. giving up is NEVER the answer…i’m sure he influences many, what happens when all the good ones leave? we’re left with soujah boy (or however you spell his name).

    i plan on being the change i want to see (in life and in music)

    don’t YOU go and retire Ty!! you’re way too valuable!! lol

  5. It’s true. Today’s hip hop artists are way too much about their own image, trying to look the most respected, but none of them really do anything to benefit the world anymore.

    Lil’ Wayne and all of them are not even rappers. They want no change other than their profits.

  6. no matter what everybody in da world will say he is doin better without 50 and let’s face it game’s records are way better than 50 and that g-unit shit…i really like game he is spittin’ real shit…no matter what everybody says bout his past and strippin and all that theze are hard times money is important and the way u earn em iz no matter keep ya head up b i’m with u dog and a true fan will remain a fan even he’ll retire or continue rapping!G-A-M-E !

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