Chris Eubank poses with family for 2003 reality show. (Chris Junior and Sebastian are standing at the back).

Chris Eubank has secretly given up his two teenage sons for adoption in America, it was claimed yesterday.

The bankrupt ex-boxing champion is said to have handed over the boys to a Las Vegas woman after a chance meeting in Paris.

Chris Junior, 18, and 16-year-old Sebastian are living in the Nevada gambling mecca with single mother Irene Hutton, 51.

Eubank, 41, was accused of visiting his sons only once in the past two years. Since his £1.3million bankruptcy, the eccentric former world middleweight fighter has travelled the world staying at the homes of wealthy friends.

Eubank’s former wife Karron, mother of their daughter, Emily, 14, and son, Joe, 11, is said to have given her blessing to the double adoption.

Miss Hutton said: ‘It sounds incredible  –  and it is. It has been almost two years now since he gave me the children. In that time, Chris has only been out here once to see them as far as I am aware. Continue Reading….

Why is The Daily Mail reporting this, as if Karron (Chris’ former wife and MOTHER of the boys), had nothing to do with the decision.

The journalist responsible for writing this article just seems to be focused on putting Chris in a bad light .  However his former wife Karron, is barely mentioned, and isn’t even refered to as being Sebastian and Chris Junior’s mother! (note: she is their biological mother). 

Now somebody please tell me, what is that all about???? 

(Read the entire article and you will see what I mean)

People always refer to Chris as being “eccentric”. No he isn’t “eccentric”. In my opinion Chris has serious mental issues. To quote my friend Nessa ” Chris has suffered too many licks to head”.

Eubank constantly dresses like an upper-class Englishman (wears a bowler hat, riding boots, and jodphurs), speaks in an upper-class clipped tone (note: he was brought up in South London, and lived in the Bronx NY for a while). He also drives around in a huge American Juggernaut.

The man’s mental health has been deteriorating since the late 90s.

Anyway why they felt the need to put their two sons (teenagers) up for adoption, to some random stranger that they met in Paris, I do not know…. 

Are times that hard?

This is just sad 😦

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  1. What a sad story. I question the adoptive parent’s motives for selling/telling her story, after two years of being silent.

    If that was their contract not to disclose their business, then why talk now.
    Reasons ….. because Eubanks does not visit his children seem a bit suspect.

    Eubanks should be able to defend himself first before they write rubbish.

  2. i remember watching some street fighti with one of his sons tumping up some boy on youtube and i could see he was with the wrong crowd.. but THIS is WILD….
    well… …
    now i’m gonna read this article and see what the hell they’re trying to put on us today!!

  3. wierd. whod have thought anything else looking at chris though, i mean what the hell is goin on there, whats with the eye piece and the old english steez. somethings not right lol.

    but it does seem like there must be more to the story..maybe the kids were getting in trouble in london or something? but then why no contact.

  4. i agree they are definetely putting it all on chris ..
    its like they almost suggest the two children are his responsibitilites and not his ex wifes job

  5. The shh just don’t stop, does it, why would they blatantly try and write his wife out of her responsibitilites as the kids mother, she carried them, push them out, yet still…. ahhh boi, as for chris Eubank, he’s steez probably comes from a deep desire to not be like the ppl in his community (which does happen in some black homes), perhaps he sees himself above them, and as fame and money came in he elevated himself (in his mind) oozin class, with his dress, speech, mannerings…etc…

    just an idea! damn shame though as another black role model (if he ever was one, I mean he’s no nigel benn, but all the same) bites the dust!

  6. on youtube you see his son in some street fight situation where he handles himself nicely…
    but the thing about it is you can see he’s running with the wrong crowd…
    so maybe chris lost control
    it happens…
    to be honest it may be a goood thing for them to live somewhere else..
    i would nt want my child living here right now either!!!

  7. If they had sent them away to live with a family member in Las Vegas then ok fine. But putting up two teens for adoption, and then handing them over to some random stranger that you met in Paris in some hotel, that’s just bizarre and off key.

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