Four of the most recognizable – and possibly most underrated – female rappers in recent years are being united by a new project that aims to renew the female emcee’s presence in commercial Hip-Hop. Babs Bunny, Lady Luck, Amil, and the Lady of Rage have come together to create the Females Earning Money, or FEM Movement. The four women are hoping to reap the benefits of unity without losing their individual solo status, explained co-executive producer Uneek, who developed the new Movement alongside popular New York radio personality and former Yo! MTV Raps host Ed Lover. “None of us are amateurs,” said group member Babs, the last of the four to enter popular consciousness, via MTV’s Making of The Band 2 in 2002. “We are all very talented and we have all worked with major artists in the industry…Rage with Dr. Dre and Snoop, Amil with Jay-Z, Luck with Def Jam and EPMD and myself with Diddy. But at the same time we all still have something to prove.”  Continue Reading….

I loved Lady Of Rage. Babs wasn’t bad… the others……..

It will be interesting to see if this project actually takes off and if they each make some change.

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  1. Rah Digga and Jean Grae would be much better additions to this list than some of the others

    *cough* AMIL *cough*

    I am excited to hear Rage spit fire, though…I’ve always loved her delivery and flow…

  2. Amil’s aiight, or is that the old school rocafella fan speaking within…Hush, lol…

    But rah Digga def’, Da brat?? Charli Baltimore?? would be far more interesting,

  3. Umm, can Lyte, Latifah and Yo-Yo put and end to this fiasco. Much respect for the effort but yeah…NO!

  4. much love and respect to the ladies for continuing to do their thing unlike you haters with nothing better to do than make judgements on a blog all day long get a life! LOL Pheva i give you 6 months to get something going of your own cause if you were busy you wouldnt be on here hating..lmao

  5. This has nothing to do with “hating” people are expressing an opinion!

    The reality is that female rappers at this moment in time aren’t exactly setting the world a light and as much as I hate to say it, this movement isn’t about to change their fortunes.

    As for Pheva not having anything going on of his own. Please.. the man has plenty going on, on this side of the pond!

    Obviously you have plenty of time on your hands, because you found the time to come on here and comment!

    If you think we are all haters etc, then tek your backside elsewhere!

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