Barack Obama, Jay-Z, Denzel Washington, Billy Dee Williams, Samuel L Jackson, Muhammed Ali, Marvin Gaye and Prince, all grace the cover of Ebony Magazine’s August collectors edition.

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  1. Respec’ to Jay-Z and all he has achieved, but the jury is still out for me wether he belongs among the rest of these brothas.

    Dope covers though. Should be available as one big reproduction print.

  2. Wonderful choices! My favorites of the covers are Denzel and Barack. Billy Dee’s is sooooo coooool! This is a great idea Ebony. These covers remind me of Vanity Fair’s covers. Great Job.

  3. yeah, need 2 get Jay the hell of of there and get my man Billy Dee!!!! Jay still has similac breath compared 2 Billy Dee or Marvin Gaye…hell, even Barack…

  4. JAY-Z is da sheeeeeeeeeettttt!!!!!!
    Marvin Gaye brings sexxxxxy back.He gives tha Ebony cover some sexual healing…

  5. I do not know what is the meaning of COOL for these folks, but i think Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. should have been on that list.

  6. i agree with rizzo, MLK should have at least been in the running. i guess being the only black man with a US federal holiday isn’t that cool.

  7. Marvin Gaye, words cannot express my deep appreciation for this brother, who despite all his shortcomings laid a foundation for young brothers and sisters to follow both consciously and sexually. He was a brother that expresses his sexual feelings in song and also a deep consciouness in songs like “Whats Going On” and “Mercy, Mercy Me” and many others. There’s a lack of conscious music missing in our black community these days and it’s all about make that money. I saw Seun Kuti in Central Park few weeks ago and he’s such an avid performer just like his father Fela Ransome Kuti who continue to speak of all the injustices on our ancestral continent Africa, it was awe inspiring. Marvin I am one brother that sorely misses your presence here on Earth and I certainly hope that your soul is “Resting In Peace” along with Otis Redding, Minnie Ripperton, Sam Cooke, Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin, Barry White, James Brown, Fela Ransome Kuti and all the rest of those treasured black entertainers that have gone on to that great castle in the sky……..

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