Former Deputy Mayor Ray Lewis

London’s deputy mayor has resigned two months into his post amid claims of financial irregularities.

Ray Lewis faced allegations relating to his time as a vicar in east London in the late 1990s and head of a youth academy scheme in 2003.

He was placed under Church of England disciplinary measures in 1999.

London Mayor Boris Johnson said he was sad at the resignation – but insisted he would re-appoint Mr Lewis if he cleared his name.

Mr Lewis, who had special responsibility for youth, described the claims as groundless and rubbish.

He had been appointed as one of Mr Johnson’s several deputy mayors with specific portfolios.  Continue Reading

I knew this was coming….

Apparently he borrowed £29,000 from a member of his congregation ( 72 year old Mary Massey) back 1995 and then flew out to the Caribbean (Grenada), and didn’t return until 1998.  

Mrs Massey eventually contacted the police and the matter was later resolved….


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  1. Thinks its a bit of a coincedence that after the previous Mayor, Ken Livingstone having a spot of bother with another darkie Lee Jasper whose links to money mismanagement with communty projects was one of the stories that the Torys pursued in the race for their boy Boris to become Mayor.

    I think that given that Boris has just had one of his boys resign for being racist, that it’s a clever way justifying why he and the Tories in general have any blacks in their club.

    People will read between the lines and think: “there’s another corrupt black, why give them these positions”.

    Before people blast me, tell me how they managed to find ths dude of all the people to do this position. I think he should never have been chosen and don’t feel sorry for this clearly delusional oppurtunistic but I also think that Tory spin have selected this fall guy to show people that Boris wil get rid of corruption unlike Ken who stuck by Lee Jasper etc…

  2. How many more toe curling mis money management stories must we endure. What a shock to hear this latest update.

    If it was a set up/tory spin, more fool him. Taking such a high profile job he must have been aware that they were going to delve into his past of, “MULTIPLE claims of mis management”. Sounds like greed overtook his naivety.

    Theres no smoke wihout fire and although I agree with your point Reclaiming the fact remains that this guy has further embarassed black people who are hard working & forthright citizens of this country.

    If we don’t F-CK up they can’t get at us.

  3. I agree with u Agnes, but there will always be ediot people out there who think only for themselves and not for the greater good even when the job they’ve decided to do is meant to be about that. It just seems odd that they found him of all people. Cha! There’s a looooooooooooooong list of overstand community types who embarrass black people all day every day- but to become Deputy Mayor…hmm…

  4. i’m with reclaim on this…..!!!
    WHO /WHAT / WHY/ HOW did he get appointed to be anything to do with boris
    …. they must have known about that scandal before he was even appointed
    its a matter of between the lines. here

  5. Ray was my old boss, I done some youthwork for him with primary school kids in the my area (Stratford/Newham). I almost choked when I saw him on the TV being announced as the deputy. Its common knowledge that Ray has ripped off many people not just in he’s paster days but from so many avenues, the stories I’ve heared is endless. And set-up was the first thing that came to mind, a plan to paint a picture of black people in power. I have seen him speak to people in meetings with absolutely no respect especially women. I give you my word THIS WAS DEFINITELY A SETUP!

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