Nas feat. The Game & Chris Brown – The World Go Round

Nas – ‘America’

Your thoughts please…

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  1. i listened for all of twenty seconds….
    .. ive said it before and i will say it again… nas picks terrible beats on his own!!!
    … terrible music!!

  2. man i was gonna say the same thing, i agree with Ty.

    hes a clever lyricist no doubt but that to me doesnt make a good song on its own… boring! i just dont feel much nas stuff anymore.

  3. **Nas – The World Go Round**
    Yeah the track on this beat is lacking, but to claim that Nas picks terrible beats on his own would be assuming that you know exactly which tracks from whatever tracks he actually picked himself. With that said he does have some tracks which had terrible beats but that in its self is just a drop in a ocean of amazing tracks that crush 95% of any rappers catalog.

    **Nas – America**
    This track is on point, and so are the lyrics. Puts you into a deep thought process so that you can actually sync in the information he’s delivering to you. Listen heard to this track because nothing can match it year 2000 up!

    “When the empire falls, imagine how crazy that will be” – Nas

  4. i dont like any of these tracks ..just dont interest me at all, i hope these are left off the album, rubbish compared to some of his other stuff. what happened to the nigger debate, he still chatin about haters players hustlers an cars in every song. i think hes finally smoked to much.

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