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  1. jus, apparently a friend of his was in prison or wateva. It was kinda like a “free ____” t-shirt, only cheaper. Oh & Nelly, d Matrix wants its coat back.

  2. Can someone tell him to stop writing songs about shoes! No one cares about his sneaks…

  3. I was so excited to see Nelly on the cover. My cousin has austim and she responds when she hears…get this Nelly and Frank Sinatra. Go figure. I would love the opportunity to purchase this particular issue of your magazine. We now collect Nelly stuff for her. So, no matter what we so called normal people think of him. There are people in this life he touchs and even if he isn’t my cup of tea. He’s alright me. Wow, hey, I justed rhymed you think he’ll give me shot at a recording. Na! I don’t hear all the bad press about Nelly like you do about so many other Hiphop stars. So, you go Source for choosing a cool dude.

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