I just don’t understand it….. Why do people heap so much praise on this guy??? 

“Oh Wayne’s a beast on the mic”, “Oh Wayne’s lyrically on point!” –  err… WHICH PART????????????

Why are people rating mediocrity?

Hip Hop / Rap has seriously gone down the blasted sh**ter!  

…. Somebody please transport me back to the early/mid 1990s PLEASE!!!!


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  1. lol.. id never argue that hes the best lyricist or even top 5 or anything like that… but he does sound different to a lot of american cats.. i like his faded out voice and his not to serious approach the crazy references an metaphors.. plus some of the production on the album is wicked its a good album i think.

    i didnt try and like him, i just kept on hearing his tunes on semtex, got drought 3 an loved it…i find a lot of people who hate him havnt even heard much of his recent mixtapes.. an imh i think..their is a element of music snobbery amongst some hip hop listeners who just love to think that what their listening to is a bit better, like the high art low art kinda vibe.

  2. because that what america does best when it comes to music …

    i wish we had a hype machine that wasnt racially as biased agianst us over here…
    but hey !!!!!
    if you dont like it ( ty)

  3. Jus says – i find a lot of people who hate him have’nt even heard much of his recent mixtapes……………

    You’ve got to be kidding me, right. !!

    Jus says – their is a element of music snobbery amongst some hip hop listeners who just love to think that what their listening to is a bit better.

    NO REALLY YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME !!!. …… Maybe it’s his vulgarity, rubbish lyrical content, ( give me my space like a marshion), drugged up persona, and the list goes on – that makes people think he’s shit. But then he’s making so much paper right now, HE MUST BE GREAT !!!

    Me persoanlly I would not spend a damn penny on that rubbish.

    You can’t make people like him, just like you can’t make people hate him -and if thats what being a SNOB is, then I’m definitely one. EACH TO THEIR OWN !!!

  4. “i like his faded out voice and his not to serious approach the crazy references an metaphors”

    Isn’t that a quaint way of saying he’s pretty piss poor!lol! And what is with this ‘not taking things too seriously” b*llocks anyway.
    Are you not checking out the news worldwide? This is a pretty perfect oppurtunity for these messengers of realness to get effin serious!!

    This whole idea that people who like artistry, beats, melody and truth in their music adding up to snobbery is one that needs to be stamped out and fast. All it means is that you are free-thinking with what you enjoy-something that was the only way to hear music in the past.

    Too many people today seem to think that if sh*t is served up for dinner, then you must find a way to ingest it. Why not get up from the table and get a takeaway! ie. If something is played all day every day to you through every medium, doesn’t make it good and you should try to work out why you are tapping or humming mindlessly after days of having your mind spammed with it.

    By the by, Jus I’,m always angry so pls don’t take any personal offence to the subject at hand- I just simply can’t stand this man and what he stands for.x

  5. I smell label “buy back”……..finally listend 2 A Milli & I was like “Nigerian hair”? [Huh?!! Were not d only 1s wit wool hair. Or do we’ve a special kind?] “veneral disease”? [Apparently, there’s comma btw d b-in & d VD line, there betta b cuz that’s d only way I can explain dat ryhme]

  6. To Jus and anyone else who is a fan of this cat…

    Get a clue.

    Wayne is NOT HOT.

    @ all.

    Pure garbage, in my opinion, and I’ve heard just about everything he’s done.

    Granted, there is a place for such drivel…Hip Hop can’t all be one type of music (that’s what’s wrong w/it now!), but I mean, seriously….

    I guess it’s just the climate that we are in nowadays…people don’t appreciate truly good music, only catchy nonsense.

    Great post, Reclaimin’!

  7. ONCE AGAIN. who f***ing cares??? they want this outta u goons. most of u have wasted a minute or two typng “rubbish” (get that outta here) discussing how this man makes a living??? Wayne is a movement. regardless of whether we like it or not. there are millions of wayne heads (obviously~the kid went platinum) and if somebody can sell a million records in a week at THIS time?? then i say by all means. do that!!! He’s never explained what he does to us and doesn’t have to. people follow weirdos like marilyn mason and whatever other retard artists are out there so WHO CARES! there’s a band playing right now in a busted down bar wishing they could get their bull out and peoople like wayne have climed their self to the top. he could’ve sold out like many. hmmm like nelly? wtf?? now he has a deal with jordan?? so he got on steriods and got a few tats now he’s the jordan spokesman and owns half a bball team? whatever works. even if wayne wasn’t hyped up and part of the bubble he’d still have that one person somewhere in this world who rocks the s**t outta him. go read a book or something people.

  8. “and if somebody can sell a million records in a week at THIS time?? ”

    Like I said before a lot of people like to buy a lot of shit…..

    “Wayne is a movement.”- Hilarious !!!

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