Singer Amy Winehouse has been taken to hospital for tests after fainting in London, her spokesman has confirmed.

She was “doing admin” when she became unwell at her home on Monday afternoon but “quickly recovered”, he added.

Her manager’s assistant was able to stop her falling and Winehouse’s father, Mitch, escorted her to hospital “as a precaution”, the spokesman said.

Doctors are unsure as to the cause of the incident and the star may be kept in hospital overnight for observation.

The 24-year-old had been signing autographs for Canadian fans who had been waiting outside her house all day, her spokesman said.

She is being treated at the London Clinic in Marylebone. Continue Reading…

“She was doing admin”  – LMAO!!!!!

(rolls eyes…) Leave dem drugs alone Amy!

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  1. actually she fainted cause, upon further examination she had her foot lodged in her throat and somebodies elses fubu skips broke of in her ass for that shit she said when she was sucking on that base stem. for real though, she fainted cause the bitch dont EAT. look at her, every base head that i know either smokes a little weed or drinks for appetite so they can EAT something and im sure shes been in the game long enough to know whats up. there is something seriously wrong with her head other than that crack. especially when she be letting her “dude” put a battery in her back like that. bitch dont know how to polarize friend from foe. i would cut his s**t with rat poisoning

  2. crack whore needs to go to rehab so we can all forget about her. she is so lame.. throwing all her self away, money, respect ,her life, her body and brain all gone to crack. no e3xcuses shes old enough to know the deal, its not like she fell into it age 12 or 13 an didnt know what road she was goin down.. she knew full an well.. f**k her.

  3. I agree Jus.

    When Amy came on to the scene, well before she became famous, she was actually quite gusty, voluptuos and healthly looking.
    She actually had something constructive to say.

    What a deterioration. What kind of weak must you me to choose this drug over your life, to succumb to this type of peer pressure without being your own individual and saying F–k off to the vultures.

    Good luck to her.

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