A 21-year-old man has been charged with the murder of a teenage girl stabbed to death in a housing estate in south London.

The body of Arsema Dawit was found in a lift at Matheson Lang House, Baylis Road, Waterloo, on Monday.

Thomas Nugusse, 21, a student from Ilford in Essex, will appear in court on Thursday charged with her murder.  (Source)

What happened to Arsema was just pure evil!

Arsema was being stalked and had been attacked by her stalker in a McDonald’s restaurant on Walworth Road. All this had been reported to the police by the family, but apparently when the police went to interview Arsema she denied that she was being stalked and had been attacked.

The police claim that they were still investigating these allegations… 

but now it’s too late….. 

Rest In Peace Arsema

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  1. Its really sad to happen any way let her sole live in peace. But its terrible to understand the mind on the man to do so. And also really shame to tell the uk police has a delayto investigate before the death.

  2. we miss u arsema shikpor u alway sbe in our mind may God put her inhis house on his right hand blessss

  3. The best helper didn’t get help
    She understand every one
    But no one understand her
    Poor Arsema
    Thou people say a lot we know you
    That cold bladed man was nothing to you
    It is hard that to imagine that she is gone
    It is hard to see that your chair ….. Empty
    Hard to go on with out you
    You where a light in our class
    And to every teacher
    They fell they are doing they are work well

  4. Death
    Life is something we should appreciate and adore
    because there comes a time in life our services are
    not needed anymore.

    A time in life when we are the next step closer,
    and if you have done what He asked, the struggle is over.

    A time when one passes from this world to another–
    a time when we lose a family member, friend or lover.
    This has been happening long before our existence,
    but some think it’s a joke until they are convinced.

    A time in life that we rejoice and have sorrow, so we
    must change our wicked ways,
    because that time can come tomorrow.

    To have one pass away can leave you emotionally scarred,
    but you must maintain your composure and keep
    your faith in God.

    So we must stop the hate and seek forgiveness for our sins,
    because whether you know it or not,
    death is what we must face in the end.


  5. how come a man who kill a 15 years old kind and cearing girl set free?
    Arsema’s killer is set free to day after his preformance of been metaly sike. come on what will he do next come to your house?

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