The R.Kelly child pornography trial came to an abrupt halt yesterday after the defence team received a call from a potential witness who said he could help the R&B star’s case.

Kelly’s attorney, Sam Adam Sr, said he did not know about the witness until he received the call this morning.

Judge Vincent Gaughan said the attorneys would need to depose the man before bringing him as a witness.

“I have no idea what’s going on,” Gaughan said in the Chicago courthouse. “It might be the impeachment of the witness (for prosecutors).”

The judge added that testimony would resume tomorrow morning (May 29), reports the Associated Press.

Earlier in the day, high school basketball coach Jacques Conway testified that his former player is the young female who appears on the sex tape at the centre of the case. He said he recognised her in part because of the cross necklace she is wearing on the tape, which he had seen her wear before.

Middle school basketball coach Joel Rhea also testified that he recognised the same girl on the tape, due to her distinctive forehead. (Source)

Why do I get the distinct feeling that R.Kelly will walk away a free man?

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  1. Dodgy Comment of the Week : Have you noticed that there is a general acceptance of certain types men going out and chasing with the young gaal dem? Which of us ladies can honestly deny being chirpsed by a man when we were schoolgirls and there seeming to be nothing wrong with it. Yeah, I’ve said it. Looking back they were grown ass men who were chasing you when you were 14-hmmm…..

    Janice- your thoughts

  2. Oh yes I remember a lot of that went on when I was at school, and nobody thought anything of it…..

    A girl who was in the year below me (she was 14) was seeing a 28 year old man. Now looking back this man was a f**king PEDOPHILE!!! who should have been locked up. He would hang around outside the school, and that’s how they met. She had his baby (at 14) and another 14 year girl also had a child for him. At the time though none of us saw him for what he was – A disgusting predator. Most were taken in by his good looks, oh and he had a car…..

    I did hear though that at the time her parents were thinking of reporting him to the authorties

    I also remember getting chirpsed when I was 14 by some dread who was clearly in his late 20s/early 30s. I don’t know how old he thought I was… I might have been tall for my age but in my face I looked young. He asked for my number and told me he was a painter and a decorator and working on a house, which was located just up the road from where I lived.

    Honestly I was shocked and afraid. It didn’t feel right… I gave him a fake number and practically ran off. For the next month I prayed I that I wouldn’t bump in to him again.

    Then there was the time when I was 13. Some brok down man clearly in his late 40s tried to chirspe. I just brushed the fool off and went about my business. About a day later I casually mentioned the incident to my dad. He went BALLISTIC! Said if I ever see the man again and he’s with me, I must point him out……

    That man doesn’t know how lucky he was because I never saw him again…..

  3. i see well do you know how many older women were chirpsing young boys…
    well let me tell you i had a few……. incidents…lol
    but seroiusly what you girls have just said is spot on .. mans have been on the rampage with young girls for years!!!
    i would feel ashamed to be caught in a sexually charged convo with such young girls…
    i was accidentally chirpsed by this young girl and her friend i THOUGHT COS THEY WERE RECOGNIZED ME FROM TV THAT THEY WERE JUST HAVING A CONVO .. until she asked me where i live then i realised i was being CHATTED UP and made my excuses and bolted…
    some of these young ladies have got fire in them … MIND YOU!

  4. A friend of mine in college, who was about 5 years older than me (my 1st year was his last, i think) used 2 tell me he loved the beginning of a new semester bcuz there was always fresh meat…i thought that was just playfully disgusting, now i just find it disgusting…

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