Amar Aslam was found beaten to death

Three youths have been arrested after the battered body of a teenager was found in a park in West Yorkshire.

Amar Aslam, aged 17, was found “brutally” attacked in Crow Nest Park in Dewsbury at 1930 BST on Sunday.

Mr Aslam, of Dewsbury, was found with head injuries in a walled garden by two members of the public.

Two youths aged 15 and a man aged 20 are being questioned by detectives at separate police stations across West Yorkshire.

Police are looking into suggestions the death was linked to a gang fight. They said Mr Aslam, who was Asian, suffered a “sustained and brutal attack”.

Dewsbury MP Shahid Malik said the attack was unlikely to have been racially motivated.

He said: “I can now confirm that the three men who are in custody are actually all Asian, which means that the race motive so far, perhaps, is not one that might be the cause of the death.”  Continue Reading….

When will this madness end……

Rest In Peace Amar

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  1. I am deeply hurt by all this. Amar’s parents and, family must be broken. I wish them peace. I know nothing anyone can say will bring him back but, may his soul rest in peace ameen. He looks like such a sweet boy.

  2. I hope something can be done to stop all this. Everyday someone is losing a loved one and, this is painful. Believe me i do not know them but, i feel the pain. I have just been thinking how the familiy must be feeling. We all have to do something about this it is i guess now in the hands of the public. The people who are convicted should have a severe punishment that is when we will make a difference. I guess most of them will be thinking what is the most what will happen to us if we get caught? afew years in jail that is it.

    What about the people who have lost a loved one??????

  3. R.I.P Amar, May Allah SWT grant you Jannatul Firdaws and everyone else stay strong yeah
    Nuff Love and Respect

  4. I am deeply saddened, shocked and upset with hearing about the death of Amar Aslam. Like you, I can also understand how his family will be going through after the loss of their precious one. May Allah SWT grant you jannat and forgive all your sins ameen. Allah SWT wanted you to live but there were some cowards that wanted to take your precious and loved life away. Little did they think how you must have felt when feeling all that hurt and going through such pain!!! Allah SWT will NEVER let injustice and evil take place and will surely punish those evil cowards and give them HELL ameen.. I don’t think that I knew Amar but his death has upset and shocked me and my family….

    May Allah SWT give Amar’s family, especially his sisters, brother and parents the courage/support to realise what has happened. Allah SWT will surely give justice to Amar’s loved ones.

    R.I.P- I just can’t believe what has happened with Amar and it could have been any of us instead of Amar. It could happen to us whatever has shockingly happened to Amar so we need to look after ourselves and NEVER leave on our own……Thank You….

  5. I am ver saddend to hear a young innocent lad life is lost. The pain which the parents will feel would be unbelieveable for other people to understand. What is the worl coming to and may allah tallah give them sa’bar to the family and people who are going through a hard time.

  6. Asalaamalykum.. We can never compare the pain the family of Amar is going through but Insh’Allah my duaa’s are that Allah makes it easier for everyone to cope with his death and he is granted a place in Janaat. Ameen.

  7. Asalamalykum, I just read a article about how the ppl who killed Amar “Bragged” about it, it disgusts me that another human can take another life and be so heartless!! Allah swt will not only punish them in this life but also in Akiraat. The loss of Amar has touched many people including me and my family, my mother can surely feel the pain amar’s mother is feeling after having her son taken away from her 2. I do dua 4 Amars sin 2be forgiven and for him 2b in Jannatul Firdaws InshAllah. I hope all the other brothers out ther can be kept safe InshAllah.. Allah Hafiz

  8. Dear All,

    the most painful way to introduce myself is i am amar sister
    i just wanted to express my gratitude for all of you,thank you all sooooo much for your , lovr , support, and prayers.
    my lovely little brotehr is never going to coem back ,but i wish and pray everyday no one else go through the pain and suffering we are in, i can only wish parents take responsibility of their kids and bring them up in sensible manners,those evil vultures will be sentenced soon, but there is no way on earth i ll get to see, feel and talk to my brother,
    i just want to SEE HIM ONE MORE TIME JUST ONE MORE TIME;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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