The Jim Jones documentary is produced by Damon Dash and directed by Mark Lewin.

Be honest Jim is far too sexy for his own good, even more so when he dons facial hair!

The man is always on his grind, a go getter and is extremely gifted.

I look forward to watching the entire documentary and I hope ole foot Chrissy doesn’t put in an appearance.

Email me Jim!  

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  1. Email me Jim ! – Janice you are funny.

    I need to know where Dash bought his survival kit from, he’s not joking is he…..All the best to them, cos they’e gonna need it lol !!!

  2. What I’m trying to understand is why he’s taking advice from bankrupt Dash…smh…when will they learn.

    I know that’s your man and all Janice…he may make a lot of money (doing eh em god knows what), I still don’t see where his talent lies!

    No one will buy into what they tryin to sell…LMAO…it’s a joke! I honestly believe the world is tired of talentless trash. Dude has no skills…NADA…and you KNOW IT JANICE!!


  3. I know him and Dash have been friends for years but nobody’s interested in Dash, he’s pissed off too many people in the industry (hence why he has been black balled for so long) so why partner up with him. I don’think his plans for Jim will work out, and they will probably end up falling out at some point.

    Mishal open your eyes Jim has talent. Leave my Jim Jim alone!

  4. Dame is a weasel who’s putting a battery in Jim’s back. Jim Jones was doing fine before he met him and Dame is just jumping on the band wagon trying to pick up a couple dollars cuz his ass owes Millions in taxes. How the hell you gonna have a big brother thats bankrupt?

    Come on Jomo we love you too much for you to fall with a has-bin.

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