The rapper Papoose exploded in a fit of anger outside a Manhattan courtroom this morning just moments after his tearful bride-to-be, Remy Ma, faced down an eight-year sentence for shooting a woman outside of a West Side hot spot last summer.

Papoose—whose plans to wed Remy got put on ice yesterday when he was allegedly busted trying to sneak a handcuff key into Rikers—exchanged some hard looks and words with friends of Remy’s shooting victim, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, in the courtroom hallway.

“Get the f**k off me. Fuck ya’ll. F**k jail,” screamed Papoose as his 10-person entourage restrained him and court officers told him to move it along and exit the hallway outside of Manhattan Supreme Court. “I don’t care. Lock me up. Lock me up. Take me to jail. Arrest me. It’s all about money.” Continue reading

All I can do is shake my head……What were you thinking Remy?

And her poor son. What must he be going through now….   😦

If she’s lucky she might be out in 4 years for good behaviour.

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  1. The best part of this is “Get the f**k off me. Fuck ya’ll. F**k jail”…

    Why not censor the middle expletive?


    Anyway, this is sad, actually, but what does she expect? You can’t just be shooting @ people w/o repercussion. Come on, Papoose! Step into the real world for a second. No one’s life is worth $3,000, ESPECIALLY if you’re supposedly this dope ass rapper making all this money. $3K is supposed to be a drop in the bucket, and clearly not worth risking jail or worse.

    Niggers. I hate them all.

  2. how can someone forget about their own son like that, i mean, why she didn’t think wait.. what happens to my son if i go to jail, before pulling the trigger. no.. she did it regardless of what mess it left her sons life in. maybe hes better off without her, at least being looked after by responsible guardians. not a wanna be gangsta bitch.

    an whats papoose doin trying to sneak handcuff keys, like hes gonna break her out of jail haha..its not one of his tracks…its real life. what next a cake with a file init. just how dumb are these people.

  3. the point is surely they are DUMB…. i have no reservations about calling them that word…
    damn !!!
    well ty slaps his hands together.. ( thats the end of that)
    remy it was nice reading about you !!

  4. im glad she’s going to jail, and they should have locked that smelly dude pap up too for being a dumb a55 for trying to sneak her a damn key.


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