Website, Electronic Village recently published its latest list of black blog/website rankings for May 08.


I browsed though the 1,173 blogs listed and almost choked on my orange juice when I spotted Mad News sitting pretty at #518.


Honestly, I was stunned. Mad News is only 5 months old, so I wasn’t expecting to see it ranked yet.


Then the owner of Electronic Village (The Villager) later went on to inform me that Mad News is now ranked at #258.


Again, I was stunned, but pleasantly surprised at the site’s inclusion on the list.


Any way, now I am focusing on cracking the top 100… nah scratch that! I am focusing on knocking off the #1 spot!


It’s all about world domination now folks! UK STAND UP!!! (LOL)



Thanks to those of you who visited and supported my blog activities/rantings over on Myspace, and still stuck with me when I made the transition over to Mad News earlier this year.  🙂


And I feel I should also shout out Jay-Z., Beyonce, the man of my dreams Jim Jones standing alongside his old foot fiance Chrissy 😦  , The Game (with new face tattoo), Nas, Usher and a naked Amy Winehouse for helping to drive a trailer load of traffic to Mad News. Cheers!


With words often said at lavish music award ceremonies and said in my best gushy American accent …


“Without you… (sniff / pause) without you (pause) none of this would have been possible….”


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  1. I’m glad that the Black Blog Rankings can bring awareness to a wide variety of talented bloggers throughout the diaspora. I’m also glad that you are motivated to provide excellent content and service to your blog readers … as that is the best way to rise up higher in the rankings!

    Stay strong…

  2. :)) well done, well deserved!!

    Maybe ur Jim J will be a reader/commentator by end of year…?!?

  3. Agreed, Agnes…

    I LOVE your blogs. I’ve forwarded links to your entries to friends of mine numerous times.

    Keep up the good work!

    Don’t forget the little people, though…LOL

    Luv ya~!

  4. Ah… Jim Jim, Ji Jo, Jimminy Jo, Joninny Ji, Mi Jo, Ji Ji, Mion, Jimminy Jonniny, Jimice, Jinice, Jim “Dude wit d neverending 5 o’clock shadow always wearing a beanie” Jones.

    Err… I got a [wee] bit carried away. Anyhoo, well done & where’s d cake?


    I’m not surprised, you are very talented!! I remember when I looked up the recent KRS-One story and Mad News is sitting pretty at #1 for the news hook-up!

  6. well done missy, just remember the ones who were riding with you at the beginning when you’re as big as you should be.

    I may flirt with other blogs but I’m faithful to this one lol

  7. I only look at your blogs to tell the truth im sure its the same for many so its not much of a shock that you up there.

    You’ll soon be number 1!

  8. Gwan wid it!!!

    Believe it or not when you did your piece on Blackberry Tea….there were mad people were featured on MadNews!!!! I was like, “how’d you know about that? Do you have the members only jacket?”


  9. A little late on the uptake here…but better late than never! Congratulations to you on your achievements…may the rest of this year bring you further success x

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