This is the moment a tourist died in the street after being restrained by police.

Frank Ogboru, 43, was sprayed with CS gas and pinned down after a minor row. CCTV footage captured him losing consciousness after screaming: “I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe.”

The Nigerian businessman, who was in London on holiday, stopped breathing and was declared dead in hospital.

Witnesses said officers had their “knees and feet” on him as he “wailed like a dog”. But the CPS decided there was ” insufficient evidence” for any of the officers to be charged in connection with Mr Ogboru’s death in Woolwich in September 2006.

Speaking from her home in Lagos, Mr Ogboru’s widow, Christy, said: “I am crushed. I put my faith in the British system to give me justice but it has failed me. Frank was not a criminal. He did not deserve to die in the street like an animal.”

Officers were called to Calderwood Street where Mr Ogboru had rowed with the girlfriend of the man he was staying with. CCTV footage shows him calmly talking to two officers but when they order him not to return to the flat a struggle ensues.

Two more officers arrive to help restrain him. Footage appears to show one officer’s knee over his neck as his head dangles over the kerb. When the police saw Mr Ogboru had stopped breathing they tried to revive him but it was too late.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission investigated and the four officers were questioned under caution. A pathologist gave “asphyxia during restraint” as the cause of death but the CPS decided “a jury would find that the restraint was not unlawful” as there was not sufficient evidence that the officers had breached their duty of care. Continue Reading…

“Speaking from her home in Lagos, Mr Ogboru’s widow, Christy, said: “I am crushed. I put my faith in the British system to give me justice but it has failed me. “

Sadly when a black man dies at the hands of the police, the word ‘justice’ doesn’t mean a damn thing!

The only time I remember a victim (who died at the hands of the police) receiving some form of justice was 10 years ago… 

The victim was a police DOG!  

Sergeant Andrew White and Constables Kenneth Boorman and Stephen Hopkins were convicted of cruelty after Acer’s (the dog) death in 1997.

Boorman, 45, was jailed for three months, White, 37, was given a one-month suspended sentence and Hopkins, 42, was ordered to carry out community service.

Boorman and White were also dismissed from Essex Police. (Source)

Even to this day I cannot believe that a dead dog received some form of justice while the thousands of black men who have died in police custody in this country over the past forty years and those who have experienced extreme police brutality, receive nothing!

What’s a black man’s life really worth? I’ll leave you all to answer that question.

Rest In Peace Frank Ogboru




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  1. I read this article today on the way home and ever since then I have been in a bad mood. I am absolutely disgusted.

    The police officer’s knee is on Mr Ogboru’s neck whilst his head dangles over the kerb. They keep him on the floor like an animal until he stops breathing. PURE FUCKRIES !!! How much more evidence do you need for a conviction. This is blatant fuckdupness ( new word for the Oxford dictionary ). The injustice is so wrong !!!

    The so called “The Independent Police Complaints Commission”, are a bunch of wankers, why they still exist, I don’t know. When police investigate police the outcome will always be in their favour. Who’s policing them ? . They need to be shut down !!!

    As always the police are suspended whilst the investigation is pending and then they get reinstated once it’s all blown over. This happens after every police custody death, whether the incident is in the open or behind closed doors . – Please log onto this website and purchase the video. It showcases the many many men & women who have died in police custody. ” BETWEEN 1969 AND 1999 OVER ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE DIED IN POLICE CUSTODY IN ENGLAND. NOT ONE POLICE OFFICER HAS EVER BEEN CONVICTED OF THESE DEATHS “. Yes you heard right !!!! ….

    I’ve already cut the clipping of this article and I will be sending a copy of it with a covering letter to Boris Johnson, EVERY WEEK, until i get a response !!!. What’s he gonna do about this ?. I’m doing my bit and by the time i’m done he’s gonna HATEEEEE the fact that he is Mayor of London.


    RIP Mr Ogboru.

  2. Yeah they did try, but I ended up going to see it in Leicester Square.

    I’ve been on marches with members of the families etc, but nothing changes. If in 2008 we are still at the same place then is it all in vain.

    It just pisses me off that the police can stll get away with it. I’ve got nuff questions for Boris…..he’s gonna be busy.

  3. Wow.

    A dog has more worth than a black man.

    In 2008.

    Somebody pass me my Rosco so I can load ‘im up. Time for some retribution!

    It’s the same here in the States and worldwide. The law gets the final word, and God forbid the law is wrong and you point it out. Next thing you know, you’re meeting your maker, wondering what the fuck it reaaly is that you did to piss someone off so much that they had to kill you.

    My prayers and condolences to the family. In fact, I’m praying for these officers, too. God help them all.

  4. fuck the police! i try not to hate them all, cause im sure there are some ok ones.. but.. yea fuck it i hate them all even the uniform.

  5. Hw cumz the police officers that killed this man aren,t arrested and charged with murder . i find it unfare that they were not charged is it because they were on duty im find unfare that u can arrest someone who killed someone who was trying to save their lives and u leave officers to get away with murder the most ammazing thing is that there was cctv footage and Frank was screaming saying he can,t breath and there were pinning him down like a dog i realy think you should do something usefull with this case

  6. I pray 4 Frank,s family peace be with you with sympathy
    I pray 4 the officers I pray that God 4gves them
    Its not fair how they treated him
    i hpe they went 2 say sorry 2 the family of Frank
    even though it does not bring him bak
    Justice must be given

  7. Ty says – but will black london look on this as THEIR PROBLEM TOO!!!

    Probably not and thats because it hasn’t happened to a member of their family yet. You don’t have to be connected to feel the pain of the injustice and to get up off your arse and do something about it.

    On the flip side what are we up against:-

    1. The Government are not interested in making a change – Fact !!!
    If they gave a f-ck ,we would not be in the position we are in now. How many years down the line and the po po are still getting off scot free.

    2. The police are corrupt beyond belief. They have too much POWER and thats why this will continue to happen time and time again.

    The only way we can make a change is to mass march/peaceful protest in HUGE numbers, but who’s got time for that, who’s interested any more.

    The MAJORITY of ‘youth ‘, especially are too busy stabbing each other to death and pursuing what that Lil ‘fucker’ Wayne & 50 cent have.
    We are lost !!!.

    The MINORITY in us that care, our voice is not big enough and we will never be heard. Pessimistic as that may sound, just ask the families who have lost their loved ones and tried to make a change.

  8. guess what i just gooogled this and this site comes up first talking about it !!!
    imagine that its that low key in the media
    that us talking about it is the most you gonna hear about this

  9. Very shabby. Just shows you no one gives a damn.

    It’s accepted as the norm now. Kill a man on the street in guise of a police officer and get off scot free.

    due to the death of my brother i jerry will never forgive any white i mean an English man is this kind of thing or because is a black man can you do this kind of thing to an English man,just look at when he was saying after screaming: “I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe.
    or because is a Nigerian and a black man (

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