Kerry Hylton

A Jamaican soldier who claims he suffered racial abuse at the hands of superior officers is suing the Army for £50,000.

Private Kerry Hylton said he was called a “black bastard” and other racist insults while serving at barracks in Birdcage Walk, near Buckingham Palace.

The 33-year-old also claims his wife and children were left in fear after locks at their married quarters were repeatedly superglued shut in a hate campaign.

Pte Hylton, of Woolwich, said the ordeal was forcing him to quit his £22,000-a-year post as a chef in the Welsh Guards and leave the Army next month. Continue Reading

If you are one of those misguided individuals (believe me they are out there), who thought that this level of race hate in the UK was a thing of the past, then think again!  This is just another reminder folks…. another reminder. Some things will never change….

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  1. i hope he gets some kind of justice, i really do.. and hope that someone held responsible. but the way the mod can close ranks..and have in the past over other issues.. im not sure he will see any justice. the mod seem to be above the law.

    and while im on the subject…what the hell are the mod doing allowing that waste of space prince william or his fool of a brother to use army helicopters to go pick up his girlfriend. not only that but to go to stag partys on the isle of white aswell, in helicopters that are supposed to be used for war.. not taxis for the royal family. idiots!

  2. @ Jus

    Harry and William (successors to the throne) can do as they please. The authorities will always turn a blind eye.

    Did you see how fast their publicity machine sprung in to action when the helicopter foolishness was exposed. Now they are telling us about William’s “secret” visit to Afghanistan complete with photographs, and how the caring prince flew home with a fallen soldier’s body.

    Using this as a way to distract from the helicopter fiasco. It’s sick.

    @ Ty. Yep!

  3. yea the whole army helicopter/royal taxi scandal is forgotten, major cover up your right. i doubt we will hear any more of it.

    i cant believe that the mod and royal family can get away with this shit.

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