Wendy with husband Kevin Hunter and Nicole Spence (insert)

The booker of US radio host Wendy Williams has lodged a formal complaint against Williams’ husband Kevin Hunter.  

Nicole Spence claims that Hunter (33) demanded sex from her on numerous ocassions and created a hostile environment by repeatedly beating Wendy….Continue Reading

Read filed legal document here

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  1. Personally I believe it because I use to be involved with Kevin years ago and he get very aggressive. He has a very bad temper and he’s passionate yet rough while having with sex. His rough childhood plays a part in why he is the way he is today.
    Wendy even spoke on a few physicial encounters on air so we hear it from her and not the media.
    And because of this they gonna pay one way or the other with this case.

  2. yes i believe it to be true im a long time listner & a called asked wendy about nicole one asking why dont we hear her anymore in the back ground does she still work there wendy replied yes she’s in the back office. this was approx 1 month ago. peach

  3. I believe every word. I listen to the show strictly for entertainment but I know what it is and both Wendy and her husband are far from saints. They seem to have a dysfunctional and apparently open marriage.

    Wendy has often spoken about what happens when someone pushed forward with sexual harrassment allegations, retaliation and how that persons name would be smeared and nobody would want to work with the person who presses the charges if they found out for fear of the same thing happening but what is the victim suppose to do? Should Nicole wait until she’s beaten and raped by Kevin while Wendy watches or should she just wait for the invite to form a threesome? I feel sorry for her because Wendy and Kevin are going to try to cut her off at the knees. They are already trying to paint her as crazy and I am sure their next step will be to paint her as though she was Kevin’s stalker and then next, like she was incompetent and that is why her duties were taken away.

  4. Bottom line is this…..Today’s society is out for blood. If you get caught doing something…no matter how bad it may be…..it appears to be a better option to just lay it on the line and tell the truth….Difficult as it may be….Look at the Mayor in Detroit? He is facing JAIL TIME….Our country is suffering because of the War in Iraq….Mortgage prices are through the roof and recessions, and economics are on a down ward spiral…..NOBODY HAS THE TIME OR THE MONEY TO WASTE ON WENDY WILLIAMS, THE MAYOR IN DETROIT, ELIOT SPITZER AND GOVERNOR PATTERSON! Wendy, I hope…has good legal counsel and does not waste time lying and “trying to cut Nicole off at the knees…. or she may find herself homeless, and her child motherless. Remember….her child has to grow up and live. I hope for the child sake that his mother and father fight Nicole less and look to resolve this issue immediately —Look at Remy Ma!!! People wake up….once you have a child…you should consider the child’s future. What was Remy thinking when she shot that gun? Lord help us all.—-So as I said….I hope Wendy and her husband reorganize and think of others—specifically her son “little Kev” and Nicole —-if she truly is a victim. ***Always remember there are TWO sides to every story.

  5. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow…

    I love Wendy’s show. It’s quite hilarious.

    This is interesting. It’ll be funny to see how the Queen of Gossip deals w/gossip about herself.

    How – YOU – doin’?


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