Photograph: Carolyn Djangoly

This photograph of Amy Winehouse will feature in the April issue of ‘Easy Living Magazine’.

It’s aim? to raise breast cancer awareness among young women.

Amy standing holding a guiter, naked, with black tape covering her nipples.. hmmmmmmmmmm….. O…K…….and how exactly does this image raise awareness?

This just reminds of me of the annual “raise awareness” testicular cancer campaign. Every year they wheel out male celebrities to pose naked with an apple or book, strategically placed in front of their manhood.   

People just end up focusing on the naked celebrity and forget about the cause!

Would it not have been a better idea to feature beautiful yet powerful black and white imagary of women who are currently battling the disease, a long with in depth interviews?

As for as I’m concerned they would make more of an impact.

Your thoughts please……

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  1. I like Amy…I believe she’s a great artist despite her personal issues. But what a naked woman has to do with breast cancer?
    The last thing a women with breast cancer want to see is a woman in shape with all her parts when they might loose theirs due to their illness.
    My aunt had breast cancer and she told me that one of the most dificult thing is to look yourself in the mirror and see that something that has been there all your life is gone.

  2. I agree with you…why the buck “neckedness”????

    I’ll keep my thoughts about this pic to myself…

    “…feature beautiful yet powerful black and white imagary of women who are currently battling the disease, a long with in depth interviews…”

    I couldn’t agree with you more Janice.

  3. Seems a a bit ironic to use Amy to raise breast awareness.

    People who suffer from the illness are fighting for their to save their lives and Amy is……… well you know how it goes….

  4. maybe it raises awareness cause its amy winehouse. she is in a lot of peoples current thoughts, people want to help or heal her.. the black tape i guess is a metaphor for the breasts being removed or gone she has to be naked for people to see that, and its not like you can see much anyway..apart from the tape ie removed breasts?

    if it was just mrs jones from round the corner it would be just another cancer add like all the rest. i think they used cancer patients before for adds like the anti smoking ones, could of used kylie maybe that would work.

    still i think its a nice photo i like the add.

  5. “the black tape i guess is a metaphor for the breasts being removed or gone she has to be naked for people to see that”

    They could have used real sufferers who have actually had there breasts removed.

    I believe that using real sufferers in this campaign (Kylie included) would raise more awareness and it would be more poignant.

    Amy should front a “just say no” campaign. That would make sense.

  6. “Amy should front a “just say no” campaign.”

    That won’t work Janice…seeing as she can’t say no…

    Maybe “this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs” type of thing.

  7. I think they used her because she’s a young woman and a lot of other young women like her…not necessarily look up to her but to see that among her own troubles she takes the time out to try to spread awareness about breast cancer in young women means something. I think it means more because she’s also a young woman…people forget she’s only 24. Plus anything with her name on it, or even a half a mile near it will get a load of reports and make even more people notice.

  8. “Would it not have been a better idea to feature beautiful yet powerful black and white imagary of women who are currently battling the disease, a long with in depth interviews?”

    The thing is… absolutely nobody would read that. It would be just another boring charity thing that the apathetic majority would avoid at all costs.

    It is strange the sort of things that strike people when it comes to ‘awareness’. Something will suddenly just hit you out of nowhere and then cancer awareness, or AIDS awareness or drugs awareness (etc.) will reorder itself in your priority.

    And so… why not. I think Amy was great to do this shoot. It’s worth a try anyway.

  9. oh ho ho my GEEEOOOOOOD!!! come on now. they are trying to use sex as a device to raise awareness ( grab fools attention ) for what? first of all let us state that this train wreck is not, is not a sex symbol ( ya heard me ) they are just capitalizing off of her current infamy and scandalesque spiraling breakdown.

    she went from base head to crack whore.
    stand here and pose naked and theres a nice big ROCK in it for ya.

    uh, which one is the guitar being played by amy, or is it that shes playing herself. all skinnied up and shit…scandaless

  10. I really agree that this ad is used to grab attention. You may all argue that it is scandalous, or what ever else, but it worked. It got you guys all thinking about it, didn’t it? Maybe if there were more things to just remind us of the problems in this world, it would be easier to help fix them. This controvercial photo has probably been one of the most eye catching ads around lately, not to mention the positive attention it gets. Whether you think it is a good ad or not, it’s all about the cause, not the way it is presented. Maybe this ad just didn’t appeal to you. that is possible, but we need something fresh to catch the interest of those who aren’t already so aware of the issues at hand. Personally, I like this add, and if they were to sell posters of this with the proceeds to breast cancer research, I would buy one for myself and all of my friends.
    Kudos to Winehouse for kicking ass for a good cause.

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