Two of the biggest names in music will teach you how to get a record deal and succeed in music: Create the perfect demo, get it into the hands of A&R executives and then get it sold in stores. You could even become a household name.

Date: 03-20-08

Time: 6:30 – 9:30

Location: 481 Eighth Avenue @ 34th Street

Venue: The New Yorker Hotel

Venue Phone Number: 212-301-2285

Class Code: NY-011

Pre-Registration Price: $29.99

Door Price: $39.99


Hmmmmm…..I’m sorry but Andre and Jermaine’s game plan seems a little dated.

Why waste time creating the “perfect demo” when we all know that demos received by A&R’s/executives rarely get listened to and end up in the bin.

In this day and age budding artists can just set up a Myspace page, upload their music and can work their product to death at very little expense,  just sitting at their computers (e.g. Soulja Boy and Sean Kingston). 
And the end result?
Label executives came knocking on THEIR doors!
The Internet is a beast that cannot be tamed!
I wonder if they plan on discussing the current state of the music industry, falling record sales, the digital era and why label executives (themselves included) continue to still live in a state of denial?  

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  1. I WAS going to post a comment, but the italicized text echoed my would-be post VERBATIM, practically.

    The Internet is the great empowerer.

    F**k A&Rs, f**k record companies, f**k the old monopolies. They truly are in a state of denial, as aforementioned.

    You mentioned Souja Boy and Sean Kingston. There are a bunch more that are creating their own buzz (and subsequent sales) on their own w/o the help of any major labels….Tanya Morgan, John Robinson, Blu, Convinced, and not to mention, yours truly, Sundance (shameless self plug!) and others.

    We can do it ourselves.

    Dupri and Harrell know this, hence the “forum”.

    I’d love to see if anyone poses that very same question about the current state of the music industry…

  2. “I’d love to see if anyone poses that very same question about the current state of the music industry…”

    Those who attend would be stupid not to address the current state of the industry. That would be my question along with why should I waste valuable time preparing a demo for an A&R and kill out myself getting it to them, when I can just set up a page on myspace/ create a website and show case my tracks to MILLIONS of people around the world, all at the click of a button?

    The idea of Harrell and Dupri or any executive for that matter, teaching budding artists on how to get a record deal in this day and age is laughable.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking anything away from Harrell and Dupri’s past achievements, but we are now living in different times ….

  3. I would like to see the subject addressed as well. How can a person utilize the internet to the best of their abilities to gain exposure for their music. Even when you know somebody on the inside, they may or may not listen to the music you send them on a demo.

  4. Agreed!
    Additionally, isn’t this about 2 degrees of seperation from going to a pyramid scheme event or a How To Me As Successful As Me forum. I always think, if you got rich this way, why would you be giving away the secret to your trade?

  5. Well the information seems good. But I have to agree with some of the comments above that people in this situation probably don’t give away their best advice and even if they did would it work for others?

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