Cover spotted @ Just Jared

Basketball star Lebron James and supermodel Giselle Bundchen appear on this month’s Vogue cover.

Why did they have to use the photograph of Lebron with his mouth wide open, looking like he’s attempting to catch flies?

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  1. I think I know what they’re trying to do – subliminally – they’re trying to make him look like a big black roaring King Kong, holding his blond damsel in distress! Just look at the picture!

    Or am I paranoid?

  2. wow i cant believe that a simple picture has to be taken so far out of context its a picture people we all do funny and stupid pictures. whats the world coming to when people equate a picture as symbolic and not just a photograph.

  3. Yep people are so silly and cry at every little thing.
    Looks to me as if they were trying to portray that here is a man who is enjoying a great game shouting out” OH YEA!” while still in love with the company of a lady.

    Only those who think King Kong will see only KingKONG and not something else.So closed minded..it is a real pity.

  4. I agree with Da Angel & JP. It’s a simple picture that’s being examined and taken apart like a frog in a science class. What do I think of this picture? It’s title says it all! THE WORLDS TOP MODELS AND STAR ATHELETES. Obviously, Vogue thought they fit the category BEST-PERIOD!

  5. Do you read Vogue? Think of the audience. This is not for an Afr. American audience. Most us would feel some way about it. “Simple picture”—right. Wake up—everything is calculated in the media- Vogue included. How often are African Americans featured in Vogue? Rarely. Now when they (African Americans) are presented what images do they choose? Magazines and the media play on social significations. To the other respondent, it is not subliminal- it is blatant.
    Reminds of the billboard for the “whie Playstation” that appeared in NY–more of the same.

  6. it is certainly not a coincidence. if you just type in google “Lebron James Vogue” PICTURES OF KING KONG AND THE DAMSELL IN DISTRESS APPEAR!!! she is wearing the same shade of green dress and there is the big old ape. 2008, you’d never believe it, you should if you have an ounce of sense. Just read a comment about this on another page saying ” why can’t we laugh at ourselves”, we don’t buy vogue, we wont be the ones laughing, i will not be made a laughing stock for their white audience, let alone anyone.

    I mean of course he is aware that they’re making him look like king kong, they probably showed him the damn ape before hand, thats what he wants to do, whatever, the third black person on the front in 116 years, and you want to go and make papi show with yourself? the man is representing all of us, they see this and we’re all like this – as they always thought.

    carry on, stupid ape.

  7. I agree with the subliminal msg of him bein as king kong w/his damsel in distress..or even more so, look behind lebron’s head where the ‘o’ and ‘g’ meet at the top of his head..hmm, take a closer look..its symbolic of the devil/antichrist..the illuminati rules all :/

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