Do any of you remember Houston? If not then this should jog your memories….

Several years ago Houston made headlines after he suffered a major mental break down while in the UK on a promotional tour, and gouched out his eye.

I often wondered what became of him after this sad/unfortunate incident… but it now looks as if I need not wonder again….

According to Houston is now homeless, living on the streets of Los Angeles. 

A myspace bulletin was apparently sent to a reader, detailing the former star’s current situation.

Read below…..

“Hello Saints, My name is Houstina Summers – sister of Capitol recording artist Houston Summers.

I’m screaming out for prayer on behalf of my Brother who is too wounded to pray for himself. My Brother, who is 24yrs old, has had an album released in 2005 called, ‘Its Already Written’. Just a couple of months after that he suffered a nervous break down and gouged out his left eye.

He prayed for healing for himself and I watched as God took heed and began to heal my Brother. However, in late 2007 the storm grew worse.

At the time my Mother and fifteen year old Sister was living with my Brother. My mother was in between jobs and Houston’s royalty checks grew slim. Eventually they were evicted.

So, my Step dad took them in only to be rushed to the hospital a couple of days later. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and they two were evicted.

It was too much for my Brother and now he is sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles. He has turned to drinking and smoking as his comfort. I believe that God has a plan for him and will bring all of us out into victory.

Yesterday my Mom and I scanned the inner streets of Los Angeles to find a broken Houston leaping down the rainy streets. We found him cold, hungry and dirty. He didn’t want to come with us because he is afraid we are going to admit to a mental to hospital.

He ran away from us and has been missing for two day. Please Pray, PLEASE!! Houston is a very special person and we can’t give up on him.

Thank You”

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  1. This is sad. Been listening to his “Promise” and “Lay you down” song the minutes I read those news at MTO. Since I am no religion person all i can hope is that he´ll find some end to this.

  2. I remember seeing pics of his eye after he gouged it out…

    He must have either been on some SERIOUS sauce, or going through something TERRIBLE to do that to himself.

    I pray that God saves this man…he was a decent talent back in the day~!

  3. I will pray for you and your family. I pray for all people who are addicted to anything. Let go and let God. Go home to your family.

  4. This young men needs prayer and medical attention. I had often wondered what happen to him. I remember when he came out with “I like That.” He was sexy, smooth and talented. I honestly thought that he had staying power and that’s hard to say when it comes to musicians these days. One cd and it’s usually a wrap but I actually thought that he had enough of a fan base to do a sophomore album. This young man is very sick and I hope that his family are able to get him the medical attention he so disperately needs.

  5. I saw the interview I without knowing of a mental diagnosage I could feel there was something wrong with the young. His subject was clearly all over the place and u cud tell there was trauma mentally. I literally cried watching him bable on the way he did. The pain and the demons he is battling or dealing can not be easy for him or n e one else. This just goes to show that no matter who u r or what type of fame n fortune u may have ur human. Houston honey I hope for the best for u, ur a gem baby u can’t be broken that easily so there’s hope. Muah

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