Some of you may remember Diddy announcing last year that he was looking for a personal assistant and as expected a multitude of applicants fell for the publicity stunt and applied for the position.

Months later the “coveted” position went to lawyer Heather Thompson ,who had way too much going for herself and I couldn’t understand why she would trade in being a top  lawyer to become Diddy’s blasted under paid bottom washer/lackey.

Anyway this time around the whole “I’m looking for a new personal assistant’ foolishness has now been turned in to a VH1 ‘reality’ show.

For more information and to apply visit Work For P Diddy

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  1. It seems like Mr. Combs is no more a music producer nor a rapper. He is a media man. Earning money with unnessecary media events like this one…

  2. Whether he’s testing the market by creating a publicity stunt or actually giving young people a shot at success by putting a fresh administrative assistant label on your resume, you’ve got to admit that P. Diddy is doing exactly what he should do, EARN MONEY !

    Honestly, he’s an absolute role model for all of us. Yeah I applied, and if I make it-my life will be forever altered onto a new journey of prosperity through the experience. If I don’t make it…my life will be forever altered onto a new journey of prosperity through his inspiration.

    One thing though…I would like to see P.iddy support Senetor Obama a bit more rather than just focusing on money alone, much like our Oprah Winfrey role model…Thats why I know I’d be an asset to Diddy as an assistant, I’ll be able to diversiify his Media towards more essential events such as the presidential election. But that’s just me. See you on VH1 !

  3. I was wondering if Mr. Combs has made his final decision regarding his persoanl assistant? I would like to apply if he has not.

  4. Is it too late to apply for the personal assistant to Mr. Diddy. Can someone answer that question for me.

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