Naomi with former PA Jade Bien-Aimee

Naomi Campbell ‘s former PA, who quit after a bust-up with the supermodel, has leapt off a bridge to her death.

Personal shopper and stylist to the rich Jade Bien-Aimee Sutherland, 28, was found dead on the Thames shore by Albert Bridge near her home in Battersea, South London.

Last year Jade was alone and crying on a Los Angeles pavement after storming out when Naomi screamed at her to go back to Britain. Naomi later paid for her flight home.

Friends think it was the death from pneumonia of her “soulmate” Andrew Richardson, 24, which sent her over the edge. In an email to pals, Jade told of her despair over his death. She said: “He’s now gone, I’m all alone, my heart is empty, my life is empty. I don’t think life’s worth living after losing a close one.”

Jade, who grew up as a boy on a Caribbean island but had a sex-change, was found dead 10 days after Andrew’s death.

Sharon and Kelly Osbourne and Weakest Link host Anne Robinson joined hundreds of mourners at her funeral in London’s Piccadilly.

Jade, who dreamed of being a model, told Naomi in a blog just after their row: “I was happy prior to working for you, now I’m left broken, jobless. Why Naomi?”

(Source: The Sunday Mirror)

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  1. I remember reading about her ex PA early last year and the claims that Naomi kicked her out in to the streets….. I am shocked she took her own life. She was obviously tormented….

  2. This sad. Too bad nobody was able to console her. It seems like grief overtook her and she couldn’t handle the pressures of life.

  3. i was one of Jades best friends and am still shocked to take this in. i knew she was devestated by her ex partners sudden death, but it had been a turbulent year for her and the incident with Naomi Campbell, i believe, further fuelled Jades decision to take her life. I hope Naomi can live with herself after treating Jade in the appalling manner that she did (I read the abusive, nasty texts Naomi sent to Jade when she returned home).

    Jade was one of the nicest people anyone could have hoped to meet – I miss her everyday.

  4. jade was my best Transsexual Woman friend as im transsexual my self
    i was very proud of her. she done alot for her self

    i saw her always so strong and happy

    im chocked still that she is gone as i spoke to her just the days before
    and on december 17th before i wasn’t able to reach her no more.

    we travel together for surgerys and she use to live at my home in london
    many years back when use i live in the uk .

    i call the police from canada to say some thing have happen to jade
    i was no believe because i was calling from abroad .
    i call the embassy same thing and told if jade have been hurt or any thing the london police will have reported to them ..

    jade was bury the frecnh embassy never knew she died that is very sad
    i call the coroners office and wait for phone call for lady name Olivia.
    i was never call or told the date of jade funeral or cementery where
    she will be bury and is bury Now .

    i made so many phone calls travel from Canada to london
    and went to at police station and no one help me because i was no familly

    i miss jade and i blame Naomi for dead and for the way she treat her and all the lies they told on the press even in jade dead to make Naomi look
    like victim .

    Victim here was jade rest in peace and gob bless her .

    i hope Naomi ge crazy and pay for what she done whit sleeples nights
    until she end up at river ..

    im angry still and sad that jade is gone.

    if any one know the cementery where she is please message me
    and let me know . i must go to visit her grave and pay my respects

    thank u .

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