Several weeks ago I posted a blog which discussed the second season of comedy sketch show ‘Little Miss Jocelyn’, and the inclusion of a new character called ‘Prince William’s new girlfriend’, a tribeswoman hailing from the darkest depts of Africa…..

Those of you who watched the show and saw the depiction of ‘Prince William’s new girlfriend’ were appauled, as was I, and let the show’s creator and star, Jocelyn Jee Esien, have it with both barrells!

At the time I could not find a sketch featuring this new character on You Tube but now one has been uploaded.

For those of you who have not seen ‘Prince William’s new girlfriend’, please watch and post your thoughts…… 

I would especially like to know what my American based subscribers/visitors think of this character?

shaking head…….. Jocelyn you have succeeded in taking us back 30 years with this one……

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  1. whats really telling is if you watch the marc wooten show
    he is ten times more funny and inventive ..

    this is sadly about talent!!!

    someone’s writing is’nt very good!!!

  2. I enjoyed the first series, haven’t seen any of the new series, was surprised at this and wonder what her family thoughts are! this coz this is not what its about. If my little sister watches that im sure she will be cussing her African friends in school and rebel if questioned about her roots back to africa which is not the way forward at all. There couldn’t be a worse stereo type created in my eyes that was so degrading!

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah it is so fucken funny. ne1 hu cant see that does not have a sense of humour…

  4. yu dOnt have tu be.. yu Obviously dOnt have a sense Of humOur.. buh then aqain yu are just wun Opinion.. She dOesnt qive a rass wat yu think.. =]

  5. LMAO @ Janice… I too feel your pain… not sure why Shante finds this so funny… Shante, please, elaborate because your sense of humour is obviously on a different level…

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