lilkim.jpg reports that rapper Lil Kim has now been officially dropped by Atlantic Records.

On DJ Kay Slay’s Sirius Satellite Radio show “Streetsweeper Radio” last week, Kim shared that she harbors no ill feelings toward Atlantic. She said she was afraid to release her music independently several years ago but is now more comfortable in her knowledge of the music business to work her project.

Well no surprises here folks. Next stop KOCH!

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  1. I watched the first episode of her “Countdown to Lockdown” docum on MTV Base which is just showing over here (late I know). I dont know what to say, she had all these hangers on, her cousin was her PA-thats all im gonna say about that-when she saw the first cut of the video for “Lighters Up” she hated it saying it made her look fat and that her face didnt look right. That might be due to the plastic surgery,Kim

    After that they showed the DMX docu, DMX needs to be somewhere where u cannot get any type of drug, he was constantly high

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