According to insiders, Def Jam bigwigs have given rapper Nas an ultimatium. Change the name of your new album or find a new label home!  

Nas is currently refusing to change the name of his upcoming album, ‘Nigger’, and label heads are furious.

A label source says,  

“There is no way that we can put out an album with that title. Many retailers have already told us – flat out – that they won’t carry an album with that title. If Nas doesn’t change his mind, he’ll be dropped. And he doesn’t have too much time to come to that realization.”

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  1. WRONG.

    Nas SHOULD NOT change the title of his upcoming album.

    I don’t think ppl understand the (potential) magnitude of this.

    We all know that Nas is one of the greatest of all time (if Ether didn’t prove that to you, I don’t think you really UNDERSTAND Hip Hop—culturally as well as sonically), and I’m quite sure he’ll drop some serious bombs on this one.

    I would almost guarantee my entire exorbitant monthly salary that he will thoroughly address the double standard Black Americans have RE: the N word. I mean, we call ourselves all kinds of nigga this nigga that, and go about killing ourselves at a far higher rate than the Klan EVER did, but are ready to disintegrate someone for calling some of us nappy headed. I would also venture to surmise that he’ll address the ubiquitous coonery that takes place in front of AND behind the microphone in a most intelligent, street digestible format.

    So for all the ppl worried about the title and thinking he’ll be irresponsible w/the usage of it, I’d say fall back and look @ his catalogue. I really do think he’ll bless us w/a small awakening.

    Hell no Nas shouldn’t change the name. In fact, he should have subtitled it “That’s Right…You Heard What The Fuck I Said!”

  2. If Nas is one of the greatest rappers of all time, why doesn’t he let the album content speak for itself. Why call the album Ni-ger just to grab attention etc etc

    Sunny boy says – “I don’t think ppl understand the (potential) magnitude of this.” Yeah yeah yeah, after all the hype it better be damn good. He aint making no big statement, what is there to say…that ain’t already been said brotherman. If you are great you don’t need no gimmiks/shock tatics.

  3. That’s PRECISELY why he SHOULD keep the name…

    To grab attention!

    And to say that Nas can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said…I’d have to vehemently disagree w/you on that statement.

    Here’s why—

    Using that logic, rap should have stopped @ Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message”, cause that song spoke on all the ills that we were facing @ the time. The English language can be manipulated in a near infinite number of ways, and there will NEVER be nothing more to say, ESPECIALLY in Hip Hop.

    Listen, we all know that the N word is a hotbutton issue, and will continue to be for many many generations to come. Anytime light can be brought to its use/abuse (which I’m almost 1000% positive Nas will do), it HAS to be a positive thing, no?

    And, I’ll admit that none of us, save Nas and his camp, know precisely what he’ll do w/this album, but given Nas’ history,I’m sure it will be groundbreaking.

    Not that he’s reading this (but you never know! Janice is the shit…LOL), but don’t change the title, Homie. Stay strong, and don’t let these labels stop your flow.

    Just make sure you ain’t spitting no stupid shit, though! Lots of ppl will be watching, and more importantly, LISTENING.

  4. Sundance – “And to say that Nas can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said…I’d have to vehemently disagree w/you on that statement.”

    I wait with abaited breath !!!

  5. “When record companies talk about not being able to support Nas and “Nigger.” It boggles me… because they are releasing niggers and niggas everyday and supporting songs that promote getting “D’s” in school and ridiin’ the cocks of fake ass drug dealers that rap and distributing it to children. I don’t get it. You can distribute and sell crack as long as its called something other than “Nigga” or “Nigger.” The messages should be focus, and not the titles. Fuck a title and these bullshit labels are wack too. I suggest that black and brown people invest in distribution companies, that they can call their own. I can’t wait until Nas drops. Period. ”

    I TOTALLY AGREE with the statement above

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