A school girl was raped by a gang who poured caustic soda over her body to destroy DNA evidence.

The 16-year-old was left fighting for life with terrible burns from the drain-clearing chemical.

She was under heavy sedation at a specialist burns unit last night as sickened police called the attack by five youths a new low.

The gang beat the teenager before taking turns to rape her in an empty house in Tottenham, North London. Continue Reading….

There are times when I think, yes Britain needs to bring back the death penalty, and this is definitely one of those ocassions!

But seeing as that will never happen…..

The boys/men involved in this heinous crime deserve to be whipped at least one hundred times, salt rubbed in to their wounds, dragged through the streets naked, severly beaten again, and then given life sentences.

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  1. My heart goes out to the young lady as well as her family who have also had to endure their son being stabbed about a year or so ago (thankfully he survived). I know they say that each generation brings something new to the melting pot that we call ‘community’, but this type of unforgiveable heinous act is something that only savages could bring themselves to conduct on another human being.

  2. Sick, simply sick. Rape is the one crime that makes my skin crawl. If not the death penalty, these [expletive deleted] need to rot in a dungeon. Not the three-meals-a-day kind of dungeon, either.

    If a person has no respect for the lives of other people, they don’t deserve the respect of everyone else.

  3. Makes my heart heavy to know a human being suffered like this. Total despair !!!

    CleoC – where the *?!*are their heads at?? – EXACTLY !!! what the hell is going on ?

  4. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow…

    I never did understand the “appeal”, if you will, of this sort of crime. It’s no fun to take the pussy. I can’t even get a stalk going if the girl tells me to pretend to rape her, let alone actually rape a girl…disgusting.

    These little niggers (yes, if that’s how you act, that’s how I’mma call you) shouldn’t get the death penalty. That would be to easy for them. The Code of Hammurabi needs to be reinstated ASAP. Then, these little idiot nigglets may think twice about doing something so stupid.

  5. Sundance says – “It’s no fun to take the pussy. I can’t even get a stalk going if the girl tells me to pretend to rape her “.


  6. I have just watched a video on you tube about the capabilities of what caustic soda can do…. Oh MY Word… I’m shocked , I cant even imagine what this young beautiful girl must of gone through with such pain afflicted upon her…. All I can do is pray for her and the family.

    BUT I am really shocked about is to know that these three low life Evil scum are only getting 8 or 6 years max… Where is the justice in that? I have had enough with the world always thinking about the rights of the criminals especially when they are clearly guilty, surely the punishment should fit the crime, therefore 8 years given to these scum isn’t even touching the tip of any so called justice. I’m so Angry cos despite they have been caught I feel like they still have gotten away with it… And don’t get me started on the other 7 cowards that seem to have gotten away with it for real too… Damn! But one question? why do these stories seem to immerge from black idiot boys in gangs located in london?

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