I bet the makers of Connect-4 never had it so good sales wise… 

Several weeks ago Kanye West posted pictures on his blog of him and Beyonce sitting back stage playing a game of Connect-4, and then went on to inform the world that Beyonce was a Connect-4 champion (err who gives a f** ????). 

News of the revealing post went on to spread across the Internet like wild fire (type in Connect-4 + Beyonce in Google search) and several days later mainstream print publications picked up on this ‘FASCINATING’ story…..

For a whole week Connect-4  was the number one topic on Hip Hop sites/blogs, all because Kanye thought it would be nice to show us mere mortals just how much he and Beyonce love a game while just sitting idly backstage.

I can imagine Kanye saying in an over excited voice “let’s show the world just how normal we are. They have to see us playing this game and Beyonce winning! This is gonna blow their minds!!!! They need to see this!!!!

Any way now Bey’s other half has decided to get in on the act and has leaked a video of himself playing a game of Connect-4 with Consequence…..

Why does everything always have to be some sort of a major event when it involves Jay? (rolling eyes….) and when did a game of Connect -4 become such a spectator sport?

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