X-factor winner and UK singing sensation Leona Lewis graces the front cover of February’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar.  

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  1. I think the problem with Leona Lewis is basically Simon Cowell. Leona is being used by him to add another knotch to his belt on his high waisted jeans (if ever a man needed a make over). Leona has a fantastic voice but the songs are just dry. The girl is gorgeous but always looks like a little girl trying to be sexy. She always seems to be like the clothes are wearing her and a bit uncomfortable. It looks fake and airbrushed. It seems that Leona has not been allowed to show her individuality what we are seeing is a whitneymariahbeyonce clone.

    I hope she gets better producers to work with her and I’m really trying to like her, and I would really like her to succeed because I think she definately has the potential to be big. Da girl needs to ditch Simon and let him stick to what he knows best. Boring crap ass 2 step annoying tune that stick in your head for months on end.

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