What happened to Craig David? When he first debuted back in 1999 he was  an exceptional talent but now….(shaking head….)… his music is uninspiring and just plain lazy!

‘6 of 1 Thing’ is another lame track released from his latest album….

Your thoughts please……

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  1. What happened to Craig David? – Have’nt you been reading the sunday trash papers – he’s been busy checking myspace hunnies and inviting them back to his lurrrrve palace.

    Some married brunette just did a kiss and tell – very embarassing!!! and she wasnt very favourable to him in the bed dept either. The tart said he was too in love with himself to even notice her LOL !!! HA HA AHA good for her, she got what she deserved – and where was her hubby when all this was going on !!!

    I didn’t think the song was that bad – not rushing out to buy it, but it will do well in the pop charts… thats what he is right ??? LOL !!!

  2. I heard this yesterday on MTV Base and I was so dissappointed!! The track is very weak, Im expecting better things from Craig considering this is his 4th album
    Way below average, no wonder the album has flopped.

  3. I remember when Craig David first hit the music scene bringing so much hope for British music…I lost hope in him when he diasappeared to America and forget where he was from! His comeback is weak…after his time in the states and what once seemed like alot of talent…my expectations were higher…definitely a disappointment!

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