She actually won this case!!!!!

The world has gone mad!

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  1. Wow…

    It looks like America’s tendency to blame others for things that should be one’s own personal responsibility is leaking across the border to the Canucks.

    Then again, this may set a precedent that may help w/the war on drugs…imagine if all these crackheads could sue and win…if I were a dealer, I would cease and desist all operations for fear of losing my $$$$ to some cutty in a lawsuit.

  2. Quote – “She said she hoped her case would inspire others to sue drug dealers.” – WHATTT!!! IS SHE A RAVING LUNATIC !!! That crack pipe busted her brain.

    The world is f–king deluded, what nonsense. I may as well just give up my job and start the crack pipe, it looks like a better pay day.

  3. Quote – “”I sued him for negligence… for selling me drugs and getting me hooked when I was vulnerable,” Ms Bergen told the French news agency AFP.”

    He’s a scum of the earth drug dealer – thats what they do, ha ha ah LOL!!!
    Did I miss the memo – i just don’t get it !!! Is drug dealing legal now then ha ha ha LOL ! This ia absolutely amazing. It’s as if he’s a doctor and he prescribed her drugs incorrectly ha a aha ha LOL!

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