Seventeen year old rapper Soulja Boy has made history with his annoyingly catchy hit ‘Crank That’ (Soulja Boy).

The 90s baby is the first artist ever to collect 3 million downloads of a digital track.

In response to his latest accomplishment Soulja said,

 “I can’t thank my fans enough, without them all of this wouldn’t have been possible. The support they give me is beyond incredible,” said Soulja Boy. “I have so many Soulja Boy Tell’em projects ready and I will continue to give them what they need in 2008.”

And to think this all started via a Myspace page!

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  1. Aaaah bless, let him have his day. We’re just hating cos we’re too old to do the dance ha ha ha ah LOL !!!

    Remember Kriss Kross – think of how annoying that would have been to someone over 30 back in the day ha ha ah aha LOL !!!

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