“Karma is a muthaf**ka!!!…The little bitch should have been let go years ago if you ask me… When I heard about this I thought it was beautiful…He (Elliot Wilson) doesn’t represent Hip Hop or the culture anyway. XXL and all the editors over there are just a copy cat of The Source and now them, Source and Vibe are feeling the fucking pinch….Now Yellow Nigga can go get a job sucking f**king Jimmy Iovine since that’s what he was doing anyway…G Unit is over and so is Elliot. If I see him in the streets I’ma put a foot in his ass. I’ma do that for Hip Hop…”

(Benzino talks to MahoganyGirl.com about the firing of former XXL Magazine Editor-In-Chief Elliot Wilson) 

Benzino kills me! LOL!

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