Rapper Beanie Sigel is headed back to federal prison for violating his probation. Sigel was ordered to serve one day in federal prison and six months in a halfway house, after he was found guilty on Wednesday January 8th of a second probation violation for taking a trip to Atlantic City, N.J. U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick also found the rapper (born Dwight Grant) guilty of being in contact with a convicted felon. As a result, Sigel’s probation, which was originally set to end next month, was also extended by 18 months. Continue reading

Does anyone remember when I posted the news that Beanie had recorded a Public Service Announcement STRESSING the importance of staying out of trouble, putting an end to the violence etc?  At the time I had my cynical head on!

Any way if you don’t remember watch news report below….

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…….(shaking head….)

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  1. but wait can we say he’s done anything catastrophically wrong here ..
    hooking with your folks now and then is different from being caught shoooting someone or dealing drugs again .. or in a violent act…
    i dont quite agree on this one … yeah he violated his parole but the the constrains and terms sound a little off to me .. .
    look at all the good work he’s been doing …
    he dont get no credit dfrom the judge for that? does he
    … after your bulletin i went on youtube and searched to see what he had been doing .. and he didnt just do the public announcement …
    he went to rallies with bill cosby .. .. look for your self..
    we shouldnt be so quick to kick him in the teeth ..
    he;s been doing some real goood work in the studio lately
    freeway, styles p ,ghost face…
    to mention a few …

  2. Ty…

    You’re only as good as your last mistake as far as the law is concerned.

    Beanz should have acted like a fucking saint. ESPECIALLY after the PSA he did.

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