Once again R Kelly hits the headlines and like always the proverbial has hit the fan!

Ne-Yo is to sue R.Kelly after the “Pide Piper of R&B” unceremonously dropped him from his North American tour.  

The star claims that he lost $785K in earnings after being informed that he was to be removed from the bill. 

The Smoking Gun website reports,

“The singer Ne-Yo (real name: Shaffer Smith) claims that he was set to earn $785,000 for opening for Kelly at a minimum of 25 concerts. But he says was bounced from the tour after a pair of shows in mid-November, though audience reaction to his set was strong. In a December 31 Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit, Shaffer, 28, alleges that he was dumped because crowd and press reaction to his performance was “more favorable” than R. Kelly’s notices.”

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  1. See, this is what happens when one decides to work with a diva!!! Perhaps Mr. Kelly feels like the ship isn’t large enough for two…

  2. the news joint i want is r kelly’s brothers confession i saw them yesterday on worldstar but it had been removed…. now that looked interesting!!!

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