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Picture Source Website Rhymeswithsnitch has put comedian Steve Harvey on blast… In the wake of comedian Bernie Mac’s untimely death, Steve who starred with Bernie in the classic movie/documentary ‘Kings Of Comedy’, called in to CNN yesterday and spoke of missing Bernie and how much he loved him. Well That Bitch over at Snitch remembered an interview that Bernie conducted with Ebony Magazine, where he stated that he and Steve were no longer friends, because after Bernie got the role in ‘Ocean’s 11’, Steve and his publicist went behind his back and contacted the []


Fool fool designer Doron Braunshtein A 25-year-old New York City graduate student is threatening to sue a T-Shirt designer after being assaulted for wearing one of his designs. The woman bought a $69 shirt from Apollo Braun’s Manhattan boutique that bore the words, “Obama is my slave.” When she wore the shirt on Tuesday, four teenage girls accosted her – shoving her, pulling out her earphones, and spitting in her face, according to the New York edition of Metro News. The unnamed []


Photograph: AP Sadia Morrison, who was a well-known celebrity publicist and stylist to the stars, has died. She was 26 years old.   Morrison, whose client list has included boxer Zab Judah, rappers Kanye West, Plies and 50 Cent, as well as NFL running back Thomas Jones, among others, was allegedly murdered and thrown from the roof of a building in the Bronx section of New York City on Friday, June 13. Friends became worried about Morrison when they hadn’t heard from her. Morrison, []