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Rebel Sound

Rebel Sound

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Culture Clash came to conquer and did so with destructive consequences at London’s Earls Court. The capital came to a standstill (just ask London Underground) as sub-low decibels from Kingston Jamaica and Brooklyn New York took on those from East and the rest of London, in a four-way festival of fighting talk (or bars).

It was Rebel Sound, made up of Sir David Rodigan, Shy FX, and Chase & Status, who took the crown from reigning champions Boy Better Know (JME, Skepta, Wiley and crew). The US sounds of ASAP Mob and to a larger extent, Stone Love never really got a look-in and so the UK’s finest battled it out, sparring dub for dub before an exclusive dubplate featuring Rihanna for Rebel Sound, connected with the jaw of BBK – a blow they never recovered from. And that was after Rebel Sound made Red Bull Culture Clash history when BBK affiliate Tempa T burst out onto the stage of Rebel Sound, to the joy of 20,000 and annoyance of BBK. Burn.

I missed the live stream of Culture Clash 2014, but from the footage I’ve seen it looked like it was a brilliant night.

However me being me, I cannot help but feel irritated by this entire event. Here we go again, corporations taking parts of black music culture (this time the Jamaican sound system culture) and bastardizing for profit. 

Why was ASAP Mob invited? Do they even understand what the sound system culture is? The same question also goes to the others who took part. 


I am sorry to hear that the mighty Stone Love failed to make an impact, but I think that has a lot to do with the crowd being unfamiliar with them and perhaps a lack of preparation on Stone Love’s part. 

But congratulations to clash winners Rebel Sound and thank you Rodigan for SCHOOLING your opponents and the crowd on what a sound clash really is about. And to the misguided 80s baby who told Rodigan to stop talking about Jamaica “you are in the UK now”, sir if it wasn’t for Jamaica would you even know what a sound clash is? Sit down.

*Check out DJ/radio presenter Chuckie’s review of Culture Clash 2014.

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