Black Men In Crisis: Rapper Mike GLC Says He Sold Cocaine To Help Tulisa And To Meet ‘Film Producer’


Over the weekend Michael Coombs aka Mike GLC went on an epic Twitter  rant and accused former X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos of betraying  him. This comes after the former friends were caught up in a drug sting last year, but both walked free in June after the trial collapsed.

Coombs was caught on camera selling cocaine to an undercover reporter in a hotel room (£800 worth plus a £20 delivery charge) and later pleaded “guilty” to supplying the Class A drug. Contostavlos pleaded “not guilty”.

Now an angry Mike has given an “EXCLUSIVE” interview to Heat Magazine.

Read excerpts from the interview below.

Why are you speaking out?

I feel betrayed by Tulisa. She was like my little sister, and she’s left me with nothing. I don’t hate her – I’m just disappointed at how she’s treated me. I lost my business, my home, my family. No one wanted to be associated with me. I had to sleep in my office for four months and lived off handouts and the kindness of friends who stuck by me. I have always been loyal to Tulisa. She’s done nothing to help me when I needed it the most.

Why did you get involved with the scheme, proposed by the Fake Sheikh?

Obviously, none of us knew it was a sting. I just knew she’d been offered this amazing deal.  It was a starring role in a film with some talk of Leonardo DiCaprio being involved, and she flew us out to Marbella as a celebration. We sat in the kitchen the night before, talking about the money, her life and what would happen next. I even planned to go to America with her for a couple of months.

So what happened when Tulisa texted you?

Tulisa sent a text- and it wasn’t just to me – asking for help. [The newspaper recorded Tulisa saying “Half my phone book sells it”.]

You did turn up to that hotel with drugs. Why did you do it? Were you doing it to help her?

I wanted to help her, because she was a good friend to me. I never would have been there if I hadn’t answered that text, I am not a drug dealer.  In return I’d get to meet the film producer. All I wanted was to help Tulisa and make the contacts. After the arrest, she promised to help me out, but as the weeks passed, she contacted me less. Since then we’ve barely spoken.

What did you make of her documentary? [Tulisa: The Price of Fame]

I knew nothing about it. I think she hid it all from me. I asked her to come outside and get some fresh air while we were in court [over the Fake Sheikh sting] and she told me she didn’t want to. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but now I suppose it was because she didn’t want the filmmakers seeing us together. I don’t know that person in the documentary. I’ve never met her in my life. Her family aren’t the closest thing in the world, and then suddenly she’s calling her mum. The “poor me” act- she wasn’t going to prison, so what about poor me?

Have you spoken to her since the trial ended?

She sent me one text message, I’ve heard nothing else. I don’t blame her for how she’s acting, but I’m still angry. If you said to Tulisa now, “Mike is upset with you”, she would act like she had no idea what was going on, but really she’d know full well what she’d done. Perhaps she doesn’t think my life is as important as hers. It feels like she doesn’t care about what happens to me or what is going on in my life. We’ll never be friends again.


Laugh or cry?

After reading the interview in Heat Magazine a friend of mine asked this question,

When is Mike going to take responsibility for his own idiocy?

Good question!

Tulisa and Mike once claimed to be “best friends” but in my opinion both were just using each other.

Big old 36-year-old Mike was just looking for a ‘come up’ off the back of 24-year-old Tulisa’s D-list celebrity status, but it blew up in his face.

As for Tulisa, she probably believed that Mike’s hulking presence would elevate her “street cred” stats.

So now you want to speak on racism, rally the troops and “fight the power” Mike?

You were filmed selling drugs to an undercover reporter, pleaded guilty to the charge and then walked away a free man.

If I were you black man, I would stop bawling about Tulisa to publications and keep my head down. 

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  1. ”Big old 36-year-old Mike was just looking for a ‘come up’ off the back of 24-year-old Tulisa’s D-list celebrity status, but it blew up in his face.”

    Spot on. I couldn’t agree more with that statement. At the same time, I do feel for him.

  2. Ok dude, you messed up big time. You were guilty, don’t blame no-one else. Forget, repeat, forget about Tulisa and work on your family and the rest of your life.

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