YES NAOMI! Shut this poor excuse for a journalist down.

What does the former President of Liberia Charles Taylor have to do with what Naomi is trying to promote here? I hate it when people bring up this situation. The last I checked Naomi was NOT THE ONE ON TRIAL FOR WAR CRIMES and some 13 years prior to that trial was not the one who invited Charles Taylor around to her home to have dinner with a wealth of famous guests. No, I seem to remember the host of that now infamous dinner party being the then president of South Africa Nelson Mandela.

And don’t even get me started on that ridiculous question about anger… Really? Channel 4 should fire that fool or pay for him to attend a journalism workshop.

I have always liked Naomi and refuse to let these mainstream media bitches with an agenda brain wash me in to hating her. They have been on this relentless quest to vilify this woman for over a decade (this also includes forces within the fashion industry).

The skinny, tall black girl from Streatham South London exceeded all expectations, killed it in the modelling game, became a fashion icon and to top it off a millionairess. This I believe still gets under the skins of many which explains the lame attempts to constantly undermine and humiliate Naomi.

When I think of a 14 year old Naomi (a child) travelling alone and entering the murky world of modelling I shiver at the thought of what she might have gone through and how she was forced to grow up pretty quickly.

Naomi needs to write her autobiography. I know she has a deep and inspiring story to tell.

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  1. That journalist was something else. He wasn’t interested in the campaign, he was interested in covering for racism by discrediting Naomi. Kmt

  2. I like how she handled this interview, and as Terra said she definitely shut it down. I’ve got nothing but respect for her doing this interview, the interviewer had another agenda which was off topic, but she brought it back, love it.

  3. Naomi conducted that interview with class. He was trying to get a rise out of her and failed. I like the comment she made about passion being mistaken for anger. I’m also tired of the, “angry black woman” label.

  4. Maybe it’s time Black folks start supporting Black designers etc why always begging others to includes us? Why are Black celebrities quick to embrace products from racist designers????
    I do love some Naomi tho and she handled that interview so well!

  5. Every time you have an opinion and are not afraid to speak on it you are labelled as angry. When it’s a white woman she’s powerful and assertive.

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