The Panel (L-R) Dr Uchenna Okoye, Michelle Gayle, Samantha Tross, Margaret Caseley-Hayford and Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin

On February 8 I attended the second annual ImPossible conversation event which took place at Pearson’s head offices in London showcasing an array of uber talented and accomplished professional black British women sharing their life stories.

A lively, life-affirming, knowledgeable panel comprising of company secretary and chief legal head of Waitrose and John Lewis; Margaret Caseley-Hayford, actress, singer and now author; Michelle Gayle, Hackney Vicar and chaplain to the speaker of the House of Commons; Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin, official dentist on Channel 4’s ’10 Years Younger’ and clinical director of London Smiling group; Dr Uchenna Okoye and the first black female consultant orthopaedic consultant; Miss Samantha Tross.

ITN newsreader and journalist Charlene White was the evening’s host and asked the ladies on the panel some thought-provoking questions about their lives and the challenges they have faced and still encounter on a daily basis while at the top of their chosen professions.

Host Charlene White

Some of the stories they told and the ignorance that they have faced on each of their journeys just left me shaking my head. It was a real eye opener but the way these extraordinary women have managed to rise above the ignorance and blatant stupidity from others to become the successes that they are today was truly inspiring.

ImPossible founder Simone Bresi-Ando

After a second successful event founder of  I’mPOSSIBLE Simone Bresi-Ando said,

“The atmosphere in the room was attentive, positive and uplifting as the panel were an amazing source of inspiration, experience and knowledge giving great tools for success to the audience.  I felt honoured to be in their presence and for them to give their time to I’mPOSSIBLE in such a way; there’s no other place in the UK where this is happening; it’s good to be the first to do something.”

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