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A judge in Malawi has imposed a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison with hard labour on a gay couple convicted of gross indecency and unnatural acts.

The judge said he wanted to protect the public from “people like you”.

Steven Monjeza, 26, and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, 20, have been in jail since they were arrested in December after holding an engagement ceremony. Continue Reading….

14 years? I bet rapists and murderers receive lesser sentences.

I just hope all the media attention forces the authorities to rethink this harsh sentence and the men are released.

Where is Madonna when you need her?

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  1. I’m sorry Jan but I’m going to have to go against the grain on this one, you know me and this topic,lol.

    I personally would have executed them both. Homosexuality/pedophilia and having sex with animals are always the last stages before the fall of an empire. Check Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome, they all collapsed when homosexuality was deemed as the norm. The western nations of the world today have also taken this track and look at the state of the societies today, they will fall in the same manner.

    As soon as you throw off your moral compass in a community/society, your society crumbles rapidly. Homosexuality is one of the cancers in the world today that needs to be stamped out. I have listed the problems with the lifestyle before on numerous occasions, it is far from healthy and there is nothing “gay” about it.

    I have to say that I notice that it is mostly women who will jump to the homosexual’s defence, yet a homosexual despises women with a passion because he is in competition for the same thing as you, men. They will also hang out with women frequently and use them to clock their flirting and pick up techniques with guys in order to use them in their own encounters. Be careful not to back that which is against you. Homosexuals are the prime reason many women are having difficulty in obtaining a man who acts like a man and asserts his masculinity today. I await the onslaught.

  2. Erm.. I’m Not Saying That Their Punishment Was Fair..But Let’s Remember That It Was Adam And Eve Not Adam And Steve.

  3. Sux that they’re doing that, but ironic that the biggest concern of the gay community in the US right now is that a gay theater critic thinks Sean Hayes is too gay to convincingly play a straight guy… in a Broadway musical.

  4. Is a homosexual the only person that despies women? This is wrong! Of all the issues that Malawi can focus on this focus on this? This is inhumane. They can’t stop homosexuality! And what’s is it ? You an undercover gay verbz?people are ignorant of what they don’t understand. Homosexuality is not the only sin this world.

  5. If you would have executed him then I have the right to execute your entire family. An eye for an eye

  6. OMG this is disgraceful!
    This is beyond crazy, I agree with Janice. I have a feeling that they probably jail a peodofile or rapist for alot less than this.
    @Verbs, please dont use the bible to justify this action, this is a nonsense, plain and simple
    If you dont agree with homosexuality, thats your right.
    But to jail someone for there sexual preference is beyond dumb
    Don’t you think there are more important issues that Kenya has to focus on?
    To blame gay men as the reason to why women cant find a good man is a nonsense.
    I have yet to meet a gay man that has told me he despises women. Maybe your connections have been telling you different.

  7. the judge made a good call it seems everyone is happy.

    they wanted the attention, and got two tickets straight to gay paradise, they prob will enjoy the encounters and get all the attention they desire.

    They are happy and the locals are happy. Win win situation..

  8. Pprez:

    Not being able to stamp out homosexuality completely does not mean you do not attempt to deal with it. I’m not ignorant of anything, observe your society today and tell me if homosexuality has made a positive change to it. Also we are not dealing with “other sins” as you called it with this blog, the topic here is homosexuality. I was reprimanded before for going off topic, I won’t be doing it again. My family as long as we hold to a moral compass are not detrimental to the fabric of society, homosexuality is in all respects, it brings nothing positive to the table and creates incredible instability by directly attacking the family unit which is the foundation of a society.

    Miss Lala:

    I never used the bible, I used history and modern day observations in society. I’ve been into and exposed the homosexual statistics before on previously related blogs. You cannot have a healthy society with homosexuality being accepted as the norm, it will canker the fabric. Perhaps you ought to look at the homosexual average age lifespan stats, 39 years compared with 70+years for that of a heterosexual. Does that seem normal to you?

    This is childish thinking, would you really expect homosexuals to show you their true feelings about women in the open? Sure, bite the hand that feeds them. I’ll think you find that enemies today work more by stealth and deception. Again, why do women jump to the defence of that which is totally against them?

  9. I don’t understand why they bothered to throw an engagement party. Surely they must have known that once that got out they would be severly punished.


    And were they planning on getting married in Malawi where it’s illegal?

  10. Black people and the topic of homosexuality or pork is a no go area…

    You should know this by now Jan

  11. they deserve the sentence you got to be extremely thick, brave, attention seeking and feel above law and order to pull those type of stunts. Im pretty sure they wanted quick tickets to Jails free food, being locked in a room with another man, shower time etc. What more could they dream for if LA is out of reach.

  12. verbs last statement is one I have to side with too.

    When animals start turning gay too. The planet will come to a quick swift end. thank goodness the animals have not lost there way too. Scientists have probly been exploring the area.

  13. The difference between a racist and homophobic is nil. They will both always find something negative to attach to the marginalised to justify their actions 2wards them by all means possible. No?

  14. there’s a massive difference lati.

    a phobia is a fear.

    “The word homophobia first appeared in print in an article written for the May 23, 1969, edition of the American tabloid Screw, in which the word was used to refer to heterosexual men’s fear that others might think they are gay.”

  15. I am talking about the treatment of the marginalised. Is there a difference in the way its done? If so, i fail to see it, seems to have same characteristics.

  16. I would also add to the definition that NV posted that the word “homophobia ” was specifically chosen to throw at heterosexual men to trick them into thinking that they had the problem and not the homosexual. I have also talked before about how the homosexual movement was heavily funded by the Rockafeller foundation as a strategm to destroy the family unit which has always been man, woman and child.

    You women who continually jump to the defence of homosexuals, the weak and effeminate men you may regularly encounter are the fruits of the homosexuals being given an almost free reign and many of you are still puzzled and scratching your heads as to why good men are so few and far between. Stop supporting your enemies

  17. Why are you jumping to the defence of those marginalising? Stay in yo lane and i’ll stay in mine.

  18. It’s amazing how someone who is not homosexual knows so much about them. Destroying the family unit? We heterosexuals seem to be doing that very well ourselves so that point is invalid, null and void.

    You would have executed both? You should be ashamed of yourself and really take a long look into yourself. Take a look at your fear and hate or I should say pitifully misinformed and warped mind.

    It’s quite sad how you choose to scapegoat homosexuals and project on to them the problems and shortcomings of society.

    Before you reply to this post take a long look at yourself because if you don’t I can already tell what vitriol you will spew out of your mouth before you speak.

    I agree with the owner of this blog one can only hope they will rethink this harsh sentence.

  19. Im jumping to the defence of the human race who wouldn’t stand a chance of survival if homosexuals were given their full way with this world. Your camp of support is the minority here. Keep defending your enemies Lati(Stockholm Syndrome).

  20. @ Observer:

    Your angle is typical, everytime the subject of homosexuality’s contribution to the breakdown of society is mentioned, supporters of homosexuals always want to quickly jump off the topic to other “contributing factors” to take the heat off their gay buddies. If you had bothered to read my 1st post properly, you would have seen that I stated that it is “one of the cancers in society” and again this is the one we are dealing with in this blog. You won’t sideline me with your scapegoat nonsense, we are not talking about “other problems” here, we are dealing with the homosexual issue. I can deal with other problems in society when they are brought up for debate.

    I’m tired of people bringing their emotions to the table against the facts. I do not fear homosexuals yet I do hate the lifestyle with a passion because I have observed it’s contribution to the destruction of normal society, not to mention the fact that pedophilia is very close on the heels to this lifestyle(NAMBLA ring a bell?). I have yet to hear homosexuals, supporters of homosexuals and homosexual rights mention something positive that homosexuality has contributed to the world. If anyone who is a homosexual or supports the movement can think of something, please step up to the plate including you OBSERVER!

  21. our own uk judicial system is plagued by sentancing that bares little relation to the severity of the crime. we too have social outcasts whos human rights are nonexistant.. verbz views and stance however uneasy and hard to accept some may find are inline with mine. im as tolerant as they come and have homosexual family members friends &co-workers but i never hesitate to point out that this ‘way of life’ is in direct conflict with the laws of nature.

    in this capitalist age we can only live and let live, then let god pass judgement..

  22. Since when did one’s sexuality determine if one has contributed something positive to society? Both hetereosexual and homosexual people have contributed to the breakdown of society in every era and civilization so what is your point? You have none?

    I’m about equality. Equal human rights. What are you about?

    The sad thing this is you probably are black and the way you speak is the way people view black youth as contributing nothing positive towards the breakdown of society because they are black FIRST even before they’ve done any crime.

    Their are many good upstanding homosexual citizens who obey the law and are only asking for their civil rights to be protected like anyone else, they are just like you because they are people first who treat others with respect it is folks like you that need to be wiped off the face of the earth with the hatred you spew.

  23. Again, we are dealing with the homosexual issue so stop trying to raise concerns about “others” and remove the heat off the sodomites. Why is it that everyone else is expected to drink their portion of blame except the homosexual? As soon as the homosexuals are called out to receive their portion of reprimand for their evil contributions to society, all of a sudden there is always an urgency to refocus on another group.

    Save your petty distractions and red herring jedi mind tricks on unrelated issues such as “obeying the law” and “race”. They are here to answers for their evils, not their good(if any). An average age of 39 years old and you still cannot put 2+2 together. Then they take this lifestyle that gives them half the life of a normal person, go into schools and teach 8 year old children that it is ok to be “gay” and the serious halflife factor should be overlooked as nothing major????

    If I was invited to partake in a lifestyle where I might only live to 39 years of age instead of the usual 70 years plus, red flags would immediately erect and sirens blaze with the logical conclusion that partaking in homosexual activites is a serious danger to my body and health.

    The fact is no society has thrived with homosexuals running rampant, NO SOCIETY. Homosexual will partake and drink from the cup of blame and answer for their evils upon society just like others who are also responsible will, they have no excuse and justification to be excused.

  24. Which society are you talking about that hasn’t thrived? Thru my window heterosexuals are a bloody menace. What do YOU verbs c out the window. Blame slavery, stabbings, war, genocides, unemployment on homosexuals. Blame them 4 YOUR personal probs and failures, diseases, everything. Why not? Damn homosexualism is a bitch. Now, i better quit my job since a homosexual employs me. Hmmmm…. Wow must remember 2 remind him how evil and non constructive he

  25. There is a beach in Italy where ‘ugly’ people are not allowed to sunbath topless or in a bikini, In Dominica if you litter the capital city they fine you $5000 (about £1250) in Dubai unmarried couples are not allowed to kiss in public, point is, you have to obey the laws of the land or pay the consequences. If they wanna be gay, a fi dem business, but to hold an engagement party was just dam stupid and thats where stupidity gets you.

  26. Bottom line it is homophobia and the disgust people and hate people have 4 it and the people. All these laws are a disguise and mask 4 the real hate. They might aswell admit it upfront rather than make up excuses for their actions. Its hate, nothing more nothing less. And a fear.

  27. I say no more after this. It is appears to me that as you say Verbs your “hatred for their lifestyle” blinds you to reason. It could stem from a possible fear of having a sexual orientation deep within that is similar or some other close encounter to it maybe? Hey i’m just speculating.

    I hope your warped and misinformed mind will get a better understanding and your apparent phobia and deep seated hatred will one day no more be held within you.

    Until then feel free to keep spewing such hatred and feeling like you are making sense.

  28. Always resort to the words spoonfed to you by the mainstream media, “hate” and “homophobia”. I’m not dealing with your irrational emotionally charged tyrades Lati. Will you ever begin to think for yourself and not use words that have been conveniently placed in front of you. “Hate”, I cannot believe you went there.

  29. What do YOu see out the window rather than what you have read in the Bible oR MEDIA, yes the THAT MEDIA we all read sometimes and watch? Remember?lol

  30. There you go ladies and gentleman, some people actually believe that there are no problems in partaking in a lifestyle in which your average age lifespan is halved?

    Is it all of a sudden cool to die at 39 or 40 from anal cancer?

    Is it cool to constantly soil your underwear from where your rectum has taken such a beating, that it can no longer contract and retain waste matter?

    Am I wrong for ringing a bell here and alerting people to the heavy risks involved with homosexual practices as well as pointing out their lifespan facts?

    Am I spewing “hatred” for jumping straight to the facts and observations and not mixing my emotions in with the topic?

    Is it wrong for me or anyone else to point out the problems with the so called “gay” lifestyle?

    Lastly, should homosexuals be excused from accepting the blame for their evil contributions to society while all others responsible for their parts be forced to drink from the blame glass?

    What is wrong with this picture?

  31. I guess its cool to die of breast cancer at 25, and malaria at 9months or less, during child birth, in war, accidents, hmmmmmmmm…add to the list.

    I think there are other conditions that lead to the break down of the bowel system and by the way there are people who walk around with urinal bags tied to their legs and have special bags near the tummy where their waste comes out instead of the backside, because of other reasons other than homosexuality. What do you think about them and their condition?

    As for the life sapn, everytime i walk out the door or enter my house door, chances are i might be at risk of dying. God knows i could fall down the stairs and die instantly or be run down by a car, or be stabbed by some maniac. Life’s a bitch really, isn’t it?

  32. The subject here again is about homosexuality so please stop going off topic with your malaria, breast cancer, 9 months, urinal bag red herrings and distractions.

  33. Anyone who is free of sin cast to first stone….We are all God’s children only HE should and will judge. They are more important issues in Malawi that need the attention and energy they’re using on these men.

  34. @b.princess

    man has been judging man from day one, there’s probly a court within a 2mile radius of your home. parents judgement and punishment. Jeremy kyle, ricki lake etc come on every day.

    Who you trying to kid?

    People are going to court for things like ticketless on bendy bus, seat belts, downloading cracked software etc. Theres nothing more important to a court than generating money from fines neither as important as each other if you ask me.

  35. @ Real NV there is no court within a 2mile radius of my home…

    Any way the reason why this world is so screwed up is because men are acting like God, we all have our strength and weaknesses that does not mean that we should be put in jail for it, unless it’s hurting anyone.

    The problem in the world today is not homosexuality; it’s people having children they don’t have the financial resources to support hence the break down of society and the human race.

  36. kosofi koseshe no law no crime, if the law prohibits homosexuals why will two men decide to get engaged?? They were looking for the attention they soo rightly recieved. Nobody is peeking through your windows to observe what your doin behind closed doors. which is where homosexual ‘tendencies’ should be kept. Theres always a line- has to be drawn somewhere!

  37. @B.Princess
    cmon now…

    “the reason why this world is so screwed up is because men are acting like God”
    Just Men acting like god? wow ok.
    know anyone who’s passed judgment on the afterlife?

    broke parents being the breakdown of the Human Race. 🙄 😕

    on subject.
    Please tell me how they would benefit in anyway from being engaged or illegally married apart from being cheeky, winding up the law/locals.

  38. @ Real NV putting them in jail is not going to stop homosexuality the only thing it would do is keep it behind close door like ZEEZ stated.

    And yes every thing I stated before is ON SUBJECT the main issue is homosexuality I’m just highlighting the fact that it’s not the only sin and certainly not the reason why our society is the way it is today.

    This is my opinion you like it or not.

  39. @B.Princess

    I didn’t mean “on subject” to sound as if you was wrong to go off subject.
    Its getting silly now anyway bcoz I agree with everything you said in that last post and I didn’t say otherwise.

    What I dont agree with is homosexuality is being promoted as normal, healthy and natural. When its the opposite, just as a man visiting a dominatrix to get whipped is not seen as normal.
    And like verbs said it attacks the family unit. I been watching Eastenders too so dont go there. lol
    Break the law and rub it in faces expect maximum penalty.

    Im done.
    Enjoy the Sun!

  40. wow i must say i missed out on all the talk. But since i am late i will just say this… Live and let live…because you’re never going to be able to change people… They will continue to be homosexuals…and frankly it’s not my place to judge anyone. Also he who is with out sin…cast the first stone. I never understand why what other people do upset others so much. I could careless what a gay person does… my brother is gay and i love him like crazy. I would never belittle him or say hurtful things to him… because of the love i have for him. People will be people…and no one can change that. I think blaming gays for destroying the family unit…is just plain silly. Ever heard the saying ” i think he does protest too much”. Think about it…

    Have fun…. moreno….

    Oh hey Lati….your boy is! Missed reading all you have to say… i always enjoy it…

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